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Dear MIMsters: Do I Forgive Him for Breaking My Trust or Forget the Relationship?

Dear MIMsters: Do I Forgive Him for Breaking My Trust or Forget the Relationship?

Hello mimsters, I’m not really sure if I should forgive my man or just quit this relationship.

I met my boyfriend in November last year and he asked me to date him. After all the shakara I put on for him, we officially started dating this year – either in February or March – I’m not so sure.

I didn’t think that the relationship was going to be serious, and so I lied to him that I was a doctor, and he believed me. I did this because I wanted to be protect my heart.

He really loved me and agreed to my terms of no sex before marriage. He understood me very well.

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He redefined the meaning of love for me. I noticed he became very serious when he started introducing me to his friends and family. I then decided to tell him the truth that I wasn’t a doctor and he forgave me.

I told him my reason for lying and my life story. Iopened up about things I had never told anyone before. I trusted him with all my heart.

We had a misunderstanding after four months, and he used everything I told him to insult me. He kept calling me a liar and an untrustworthy person.

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I was disappointed so I asked for a breakup because I hate keeping grudges, and we broke up. Now he is begging me to come back. Believe me, I still love him, but I am finding it difficult to forgive the pain he caused me by all the hurtful things he said to me.

I really trusted him, I told him a lot about myself and he threw it all back in my face.

Please tell me what I should. Do I move on or accept him back?

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  • He will do it again if you guys have another misunderstanding be ready for that if you decide to go back to him.

  • I believe one important thing in a relationship is trust, that no matter the heat in the relationship, secrets should not be used against anybody. That was an act of immaturity from him (guy). You didn’t sell yourself out by been open to him. I advice you shuldn’t rush in going back. Give yourself time, and him too needs time to grow up. And you don’t lie next time…Its well

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