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Dear MIMsters: It’s Only A Few Weeks To My Wedding, Then I Discover This…

Dear MIMsters: It’s Only A Few Weeks To My Wedding, Then I Discover This…

I am in a fix as I only got to discover this a few weeks to my wedding.

I am currently engaged to the man of my dreams. He is 37, while I’m 28.

Right now as I am typing, our wedding is scheduled for next month, caterers have been paid, hotels reservations have been done, invitation cards sent and what have we not done?

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When we became serious with our relationship, I asked what his genotype was knowing fully well I am AS, his response was he’s AA. I asked over and over and his reply was same. As a requirement by the Church, we are to run tests including HIV, Hepatitis B and genotype. Hence when we checked, his genotype result revealed he is AS. He didn’t believe it so he went to two more hospitals to get tested and even showed his original result that states he’s AA.

For the past 2 days, I have been devastated, been sedated and given drips but I’m still in shock. His family is saying that we should go ahead and consider IVF-PGD while mine is rooting for the cancellation of the wedding.

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While he supports the IVF-PGD, my family is saying that if anything goes wrong with the procedures, that I’m on my own. Please put yourselves in my shoes s you advise.

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  • This is a very difficult situation, considering he didn’t lie to you but was somehow deceived by the hospital, kindly go ahead and try the ivf thing and keep praying it works. Having children that are xx is very hard.

  • since he has d money for d procedures.I dnt Thnk its wrong to give it a short…for me ooo I would go on wt it.

  • My dear sister is better to have a broken relationship than a broken happiness in your marriage. I have one of my cousin’s who is AS it had not been easy for her parents. It have caused serious commotion in their family both of them have forgotten the love they once shared that led them into bringing their kids into this sinful world to suffer. The lady in question is 31 but xx kept on tormenting her life. She always walk up to me and ask me sister will I die. I don’t wish even my enemy to experience what this people are passing through now. Don’t let anybody to deceive into accepting that. You will the one to suffer it alone. Even your husband will be too busy with his business hence the love that is chaking both of you now will vanish.

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