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KEGELS: How To Tighten and Firm Up Those Pelvic Muscles For Good

KEGELS: How To Tighten and Firm Up Those Pelvic Muscles For Good

Women need Kegel exercises for different reasons. Child bearing expands the muscles of the pelvis, the same ones that are used in holding the flow of urine. It so happens that the same muscle is very key in sexual satisfaction. This means for instance that a woman who’s ‘leaking’ urine for instance, needs to tone, tighten or firm up her pelvic muscles. This is the reason why kegel exercises are recommended. They will do 2 things for you;

1. Help you hold your urine better and avoid embarrassments.

2. Help you enjoy sex better.

How to do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are easy to do and can be done anywhere, anytime.

1. Sitting or lying down,  contract the muscles you would use to hold your urine (think potty training). You’ll feel your pelvic muscles squeeze. If your stomach or buttocks muscles contract at the same time, it means you’re contracting the wrong muscles. Keep practicing until you get it right.

2. When you’ve discovered which muscle it is that is actually used, squeeze for 3 seconds and then relax for another 3 seconds.

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3. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times each session, 3 times a day. You can also do your kegel exercises each time you visit the ladies to take a pee, holding your urine for a few seconds at a time, and letting it go again, increasing the length of time you hold it, as the days go by.

Kegel exercises are most effective when done regularly.

Source: Web MD

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