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Dear MIMsters: I Have Resolved To Move Out But I’m Afraid I Might Regret It

Dear MIMsters: I Have Resolved To Move Out But I’m Afraid I Might Regret It

I really need sound advice before I do something silly that I might regret as I have resolved to move out.

I have been living with this man I call my husband. I have a child for him but we aren’t legally married. All we have done is the official family introduction.

Sometime last month, my mum said she wanted to open a restaurant and hubby supported her by giving her 30k. When my mum came to visit, she received news that her own mother, my grandmother passed away on Monday.

Now, my mum is leaving tomorrow and hubby said he will give her 10k. I told him that I would also like to attend the burial which has been fixed for Thursday next week. My grandmother has played a major role in my life.

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Hubby started shouting that he has no more money to give me, not even a dime and said that I am not going. What is annoying is that he always finds ways to prevent me from participating in my family functions since I started living with him a year ago.

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I have decided to go on my own bill and as soon as I return from the burial, I will park my things and move out of his house. I just don’t feel that he cares about me that much.

Will I be overreacting? Will I regret this? He’s planning to have our wedding next year Easter.

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