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Popular Blogger, MissPetite, Confirms Marriage Crash After Suffering Post Partum Depression

Popular Blogger, MissPetite, Confirms Marriage Crash After Suffering Post Partum Depression

Nigerian blogger Emeh Achanga of Misspetite, has confirmed that her 2-year-old marriage has indeed crashed.

The mother of one gave details of how her marriage eventually crashed in the early part of 2017 following her post partum depression which made her suicidal.

According to her, her spouse who was supposed to be supportive even laughed at her when she told him about her suicidal thoughts.

She wrote:

“Post partum depression is something most Nigerians are oblivious to. It’s sad because about 60 percent of women go through post partum depression and instead of partners to be supportive, most men withdraw, get lovers or side chicks.

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I suffered depression because I grew up to be very independent, Didn’t take much time I found myself pregnant. My blog which was my life suddenly became less of a priority.

I could not connect with my readers any more and instead of reaching out. I recoiled into my shell. Watched my rankings slip and then my partner who was supposed to be supportive, didn’t notice I was slipping into depression.

Here I was with a baby who depended on me for everything. And because my work is something I can do from home …my partner was always out at work and I now had to combine motherhood and blogging which is a full time 18 hour job’.

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So as my rankings plumetted because I could not keep up, I hated myself, my spouse and everyone. Cut off from family, friends and attempted to kill myself.

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And guess what, when I spoke to my spouse about my suicidal thoughts, he laughed. The only thing which kept me going was my daughter. I felt I owed it to her to stay alive.

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It is a struggle and everyday is still a battle with depression. Postnatal depression is real and I am going to raise a lot of awareness about it.

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen recently revealed she suffers from it and takes treatment till date.”

Too sad!! We hope you come out a better and stronger mother!


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