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After 7 Miscarriages & 11 Rounds of IVF, Menopausal Mum Welcomes ‘Miracle Baby’

After 7 Miscarriages & 11 Rounds of IVF, Menopausal Mum Welcomes ‘Miracle Baby’

A 40-year-old mother who thought she was menopausal after struggling for years to conceive a sibling for Jack, eight, was stunned to find out she was pregnant naturally against doctors advice.

After seven miscarriages and 11 rounds of IVF, Verity Degg and her husband Jason Degg, 43, had given up hope that they would have another child.

But after feeling unwell for a few weeks, Verity found out she was carrying her ‘miracle’ baby, DailyMail reports..

The couple, who have an eight-year-old son Jack,  conceived after 11 rounds of IVF, had turned to adoption after struggling for years to conceive.

But now their family is complete after ‘miracle’ baby Olly was born in March weighing a healthy 7lb 2oz despite doctors telling Verity her body wouldn’t cope with another pregnancy.

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”After the miscarriages and what I went through with Aimee [who was stillborn at 32 weeks] doctors said I’d been through too much and shouldn’t try for another.

We were due to go on holiday to America but I started to feel really unwell. For about two weeks I was feeling really sick. I was 39 and was convinced it was down to the menopause, I’d known friends who had been through it at 36.

My mum said “have you thought about doing a test?” and 15 [positive] tests later I was pregnant,’ she revealed.

”I was scared to be happy because I kept thinking “I can’t go through this again. I can’t lose another baby”.

We went to America and I kept taking pregnancy tests to check it was still there. Then the Zika virus broke out and I was convinced we were going to lose him.

I was trying to be positive but I couldn’t help being negative – everybody was telling me to stay calm. It was so hard to be happy. I was too scared to be happy in case it all got taken away from me.”

Verity had a number of miscarriages, including one on Mother’s Day, before she went through the trauma of giving birth to a daughter Aimee at 32 weeks.

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A post-mortem discovered Aimee had Edwards’ Syndrome – a rare and severe disorder which can limit the life of a baby to just a few days.

Verity had to bury her daughter Aimee Deggs after she was stillborn at 32 weeks. (Picture: Mercury Press)


The couple paid hundreds of pounds for a Harmony test when she was pregnant with Olly which can identify if a baby is at risk of suffering Down Syndrome or Edwards’ Syndrome – and it came back negative.

”With Olly part of me started thinking it was going to be okay but I was a midwife’s nightmare, I would worry about every little twinge. They were scanning me every 12 weeks and everything seemed to be going really well.

But then I got bitten by a feral cat we had taken in, she bit me right through my finger. I thought nothing of it but then I started to think about when my last tetanus jab was.

I went to the hospital and by the time I arrived I couldn’t move my hand.”

Verity was told she might lose her finger and ended up having three operations before catching bronchitis.

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