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Dear MIMsters: Am I Free To Leave This Marriage?

Dear MIMsters: Am I Free To Leave This Marriage?

Am I free to leave this marriage?

I’ve been married for 9 years and I have a 9-year-old daughter. Since then, I’ve been trying to conceive again. Two years ago, hubby took a second wife who also has not been able to conceive since they got married.
Last month, I took the banana recipe and to the glory of God, I tested positive to a pregnancy test. When I told my husband about news of the pregnancy, instead of him to rejoice with me, he’s demanding for a medical report and wants to know how far gone I am.
A few days ago, I had a miscarriage and all my husband could say to comfort me was that he’s not responsible for my pregnancy.
This issue has generated alot of problems between my family and his. I have concluded within me to move out and leave this marriage because a marriage without trust will have no peace. When there is no peace, there will never be no love.
So, I have decided to move out of his house and go get another accommodation for my daughter and I as he has decided to live permanently with his second wife. All I need is some encouragement from Mimsters on this page. 
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  • You’re done the right thing by moving out of his house. In fact if you can afford it, cut him off from seeing his daughter. Let him know you come as a package. If he doesn’t want you then he should forget about his daughter.
    If you deny him access to his only child he will come back to his senses. He is enjoying his marriage to his other wife because he is chopping from both sides of his mouth. Pls make yourself happy by concentrating on your self and daughter,

  • First, I would like to apologize that you are going through this. No one can make this decision for you, people can only offer you advice. You might consider a temporary separation, to clear ur head and think deeply about the situation. Do not make any decision in a haste or anger. Whatever you conclude, plz discuss with your family. I sincerely hope u have a source of income.
    Lastly and most importantly, DO NOT DENY YOUR DAUGHTER OF HER FATHER.That is if you decide you would no longer remain in the marriage, you might be tempted to do so out of anger, bitterness etc but please don’t. Except her father makes that choice himself and if he doesn’t, please don’t speak I’ll of her father to/with her, she’s 9, in a few years, she will be older and wiser, then you explain or she sees things herself.
    Lastly, if he decides to get involved in her life, welfare, visitations etc. Be extremely careful, smart and wise about it, for now she is his only child, he might be tempted to take her away from you.

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