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If She Could Survive All These, Then You Can: Faith Amadi Shares Her Survival Story

If She Could Survive All These, Then You Can: Faith Amadi Shares Her Survival Story

Faith Amadi, a Nigerian who doctor told she may not live to be 21, when she was just 18 has survived all odds. Sharing the story of her life struggles, Faith aims to inspire, motivate and encourage anyone in despair.

Read her story as shared on her Instagram page…

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”My doctor once told me I may not live to be 21, I was 18 then. I had acute liver inflammation and ruptured appendicitis with hypoglycemia…. I laugh.

If I could survive, an accident that left me in a wheelchair and crutches for a year at about 10 years old, survive the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain of losing my virginity at 17 to gang rape and repeated molestation by trusted family friends (well they said I could never be happy or loved by anyone except them, ???????????????????? I wish they could See Me Now), survived a sudden blindness causes by an unexplained spike in my blood sugar, survived four suicide attempts ( caused by the above), the last an overdose of drugs which led to the liver inflammation, then I can survive anything.

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Needless to say, by a miracle I survived the appendectomy and my liver healed perfectly. My mom thinks I am a cat with nine lives, a girl after God’s heart.

After constantly being in and out of the hospital, facing near death situations, I can confidently say, I am not your everyday kind of girl. I have never been normal, but who needs normal when I can be abnormally me.

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I know I am made to break records, I do it everyday. Your future is not tomorrow, it’s in the victories of everyday.

You are not your past, you are whom ever you think you are. Think wisely about yourself, for if you say you are a queen, a queen you are.

Our journey in life will take different paths, respect your experiences and grow with them. It’s not always rosy, after all even roses have thorns.”

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  • OMG!!!! My jaw is practically on the floor right now. Gurl…’re a super star, honestly you’re gonna break records in life. God kept you for a purpose, keep shining.

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