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Reno Omokri on Women Issues: Who Agrees With His Nuggets on Marriage and Virginity?

Reno Omokri on Women Issues: Who Agrees With His Nuggets on Marriage and Virginity?

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide and father of three is highly opinionated on issues concerning women.

Reno, an author and lawyer, has aired his thoughts on issues ranging from a woman’s virginity, her dressing and this time he is touching on the topic marriage and virginity once more.

Omokri is of the opinion that being a virgin bride attracts blessings which are not applicable to non-virgin brides. In a series of tweets, he stressed the importance of virginity, citing Mary the mother of Jesus in the bible.

He also adviced both single and married men and women, on marriage.

Read below and drop your opinion…

”Marrying late in life will only result in a shorter marriage life, but marrying wrong in life will only result in a suffer marriage life. Marriage is not a race. Marry the right person, not just the first person to propose.

Marry a woman that is given to humour, and not one that is given to rumour. The former will elongate your life with laughter, which is life’s greatest medicine. The other will shorten your life with controversy, which is one of life’s great poisons.

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If virginity is not important, why did God choose Virgin Mary to bear His Son instead of non virgin Mary Magdalene? There is a special blessing on virgin brides that non virgin brides can’t get. Like it or not, satan, not God, is the one who inspires premarital sex.

It does not matter whether it is 1018 or 2018, sex before marriage is wrong. It was wrong in the days of Jesus it is wrong today. It leads to unwanted pregnancies and truncated lives especially for women. Shut your legs until you have shut the door to spinsterhood.

Marrying a woman who has not faced tough times with you is risky. Good times do not bring out a woman’s true colours. It is easy to love a man who pays all the bills. But will she still love you if you can’t pick her bills? That is what tough times will reveal.

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Dear men, don’t marry a woman that needs a man. Marry one that needs you. There’s a difference. A woman who needs you wont want sex or money from you, but she‘ll want time with you. She values your company more than your property. When you see such women, marry them.

Women were not created to be mated by multiple men. Only animals were created thus. It is animalistic to sleep around before marriage. Keeping your virginity till marriage creates a soul tie with your husband that non virgins can’t have.

Don’t just marry a woman because she knows how to give you a sweet time in bed. Sugar and honey are sweet but both of them can’t make any kind of soup delicious. You need a wife who makes your life delicious, not one who makes it sweet.

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Women who read their husbands texts or eavesdrop on his conversations seldom hear good things about themselves. Everybody needs an avenue to vent. You can’t prevent that. But you can ruin your marriage if you continue to spy on your husband. Same goes for husbands.

Don’t celebrate your wife or your husband with a Facebook or Twitter message on their birthday and think you have done something for them. Mouth love is no love. If you want to celebrate, take them out or buy them a gift.

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Ladies, if you want your marriage to last, don’t just treat your husband like a husband. Treat him like a husband and a boyfriend. If you do, he will be less likely to leave you for some jezebel who treats him like a boyfriend because he already gets that at home.

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Dear men, what is the use trying to impress a slay queen with your car and clothes? A slay queen is not interested in the colour of your car or clothes. She is only interested in the colour of your money.

To succeed in life, you must keep your eyes on the prize. If you want to fail, then keep your eyes on women. You see, if you keep your eyes on the prize, women will keep their eyes on you. If you keep your eyes on women, the prize will rise above you.”

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