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Dear MIMsters: I’m So Depressed and Desperate About my Daughter’s Situation

Dear MIMsters: I’m So Depressed and Desperate About my Daughter’s Situation

I am a very worried mother and my worries keep increasing every day. I feel tired and helpless, I couldn’t sleep last night. In fact, I am so depressed and desperate about my daughter’s situation.

The problem is that my THREE AND HALF YEARS OLD DAUGHTER. She counts 123 to 20, knows her A B C to Z, knows all the colors, can recite all her rhyme, sings songs, can say water, ant, spider, cake, ice-cream, eat, umbrella, ostrich, apple, orange…and others.

She can also take some instructions like, “bring the bag”, “bring the plate”, “sit here”, “bend down”, “eat”, “come”, “pick up your dress from the floor”, but does not say, daddy or mama.

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She does not respond to a simple, “how are you?”. She can’t say simple sentences like, “mama, I want to drink water” or “Mama, I want biscuits,” “Mama, I want to eat rice.”

Any she wants something, she will come, pull my hand and lead me to place in the kitchen where we keep groceries for milk or biscuits or she opens the fridge to take what she wants.

Hubby too is very worried. He’s made it open to me that he is very sad about tour situation, meanwhile, we have been trying for another baby which hasn’t happened yet. She is our only child. She goes to school but hubby and I are the only people she interacts with at home. Could this be the cause?

I took my daughter to the hospital 3 months ago. The doctor carried out a hearing test and we were told she can hear but has an ear infection which can cause speech delay. She was given medications for treatment, after which she will be referred to a speech therapist.

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I will return to the hospital tomorrow but I am scared of the outcome.

Has anyone experienced this with their child? I am so depressed and desperate.

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  • Get the result first madam before worrying so much. If she can say those others things and doesn’t say mama or talk when she wants something is not a big deal. Atleast she talks and sings.

  • I think you’re worrying urself too much. And her bn ur 1st child could also be a reason. Don’t compare ur child wit someone’s child. Currently, I av twins. 2 gals. One of dem started walking exactly a yr while d other took extra 5months b4 walking. They’re almost 3yrs now but their speech is not dt clear. They’re both in sch. I’m less worried cos they’re OK and I believe dt their time will verily come. Pls disturb urself less.

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