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Dear MIMsters: Should I Worry About Life After Our Wedding Or Just Take One Day at a Time?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Worry About Life After Our Wedding Or Just Take One Day at a Time?

Should I be worrying about life after the wedding or should I take it one day at a time?

I will be 26 by next month and I’m already a single mother. My daughter is 8 years old now.

I refused getting married to her dad because he is not only just an illiterate, but also lazy and not ready to work or go to school.

He is a local footballer who has been waiting for that one day when an international club will find him and sign him.

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We’ve been 6 years apart and during these 6 years, I managed to send myself to school and I obtained my diploma certification.

I did a part time course so as to enable me work and school at the same time. I am now ready to further my education but I’m feel terribly lonely. I decided to start another relationship but the problem here is that this present guy in question is not financially stable.

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He is a teacher who only has his NCE. He tells me that he really loves me but he is poor. I’m not wealthy either. I am also striving to survive too. He wants us to get married but I’m 90 percent sure that he can’t carter for himself alone, let alone a wife or children when we start having kids.

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I am just confused and I don’t know what to do. I believe we can have a very simple wedding but what about life after wedding? What will happen to my school and my kids. Please advise me, what do you think I should do?

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  • Please put that marriage on hold before you make another mistake. First mistake was your baby daddy don’t make another. Take your time and a better man will find you.

  • Please life isn’t about money but money is very important in life. Let him go and hustle and make money if you’re still available then, good. Suffering is very hash I can promise you that you won’t be happy.

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