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Proud and Unashamed: Single Mom Shows Off Her Son and Preaches Against Abortion

Proud and Unashamed: Single Mom Shows Off Her Son and Preaches Against Abortion

A makeup artist and graduate of Imo State University identified as Nkechinyerem Chima‎, wants the whole world to know how proud she is to be a single mum of a nine-year old.

The 28-year-old shared pictures of her son and slams those against having kids out of wedlock.

She writes below…

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”A lot of people say that the can’t marry a single mother!!! Yes!!! Its your choice…..
I am a proud single mother of a nine years old dude.

I’ve no shame …because I didn’t murder him.
Yes I know that in our culture many detest having kids outside wedlock.

But honestly I do not care…. If its not the will of God it won’t come to pass…. I am never a second handed Lady…. A proud boss lady….. A proud God fearing mother

My son is not a dummy…. He’s my joy. He’s always maintaining 1st position. A lay reader. A chorister. Am not even 28-year-old sef…. I have got my degree….sef. I will stop at nothing to tell the world that abortion is evil….

Fellow single mothers….. Be proud and work Harder…. He who laugh last …laughs best.”

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