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7 Signs Of A Possible Miscarriage

7 Signs Of A Possible Miscarriage

A miscarriage is medically defined as a “spontaneous abortion”, which usually occurs, if it does happen within the first 12-22 weeks of being pregnant. Recognising the signs of a possible miscarriage early enough and going to your doctor immediately could save a life.

Here are the possible signs of a miscarriage…

1. Vaginal Bleeding: This  is a very common sign that a miscarriage has happened or is happening and most times its already too late to save the fetus. Reasons for this range from embryo is not developing as it should because it lacks enough Chromosome. These problems usually happen for no reason and isn’t the fault of the mother.

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2.  Abdominal Pain: This  pain may be located in the abdomen, pelvic area, or lower back, and can be mild or severe resembling period like pains. Distinguishing the pain maybe difficult as it is normal to experience some amount of pain in a pregnancy term as your body, abdominal muscles are moving around and stretching to accommodate your baby.

3. Less Pregnancy Symptoms: If you notice reduced pregnancy symptoms, and you know that should be experiencing them like, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness. please contact your doctor and have your self looked at.

4. Reduced Baby Activity: Most miscarriages happen within the first 20weeks but it is not uncommon for it to happen much further into a pregnancy. Signs following this van be when you notice reduced movement of the baby inside. If the baby doesn’t kick or move around anymore.

5. Hormone Imbalance: This maybe genetic or not. Having a test to ascertain whether your hormones are sufficient enough or are in the right balance to support a pregnancy is highly recommended in a pregnancy.

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6. Infections or illness in the mother: This isn’t a sign per say, but it has a big part to play. If you have a certain illness, Cancer, Diabetes, this is very likely to affect the life of your baby.

7. Alcohol Consumption: If your alcohol consumption before and during a pregnancy is still very high, you are putting your life and that of your unborn child at risk

These signs may be caused by a condition that is less serious than miscarriage so it is highly recommended that you always go see a health care provider during any stage of your pregnancy to ensure the optimal development of you and your baby.
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