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Dear MIMsters: Help! He Loves Me and I Don’t Want to Break His Heart

Dear MIMsters: Help! He Loves Me and I Don’t Want to Break His Heart

I am in a very confusing situation right now and don’t even know how to start. I do not want to break his heart.

In 2015, I was in a relationship that lasted for 2 years. My boyfriend at the time broke up our relationship when he told me that he was in love with someone else. They ended up getting married and I was heartbroken.

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I was so heartbroken that I made the decision to stay away from guys and relationships. Family and friends tried to convince me to give love a try once again but I bluntly refused.

However, in 2017 when this guy, Ola asked me out, I turned him down initially but after giving it a thought for a few months, I accepted to date him.  But there was an issue. It was a struggle for me to show him love the way he seemed to love me. I was just forcing myself to respond to him but the truth is I felt nothing for him.

When I got tired of pretending, I broke up with him. Soon after, I met this guy Ken. Ken and I had something in common which was we were both dumped by our exes. This made me believe that he should understand me better.

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But unfortunately, 2 months later, Ken broke up with me. He told me that he was still in love with his ex and needed some space. I gave him his space and he never called me again.

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To cut my story short, Ola, my ex, wants me back in his life. While one part me wants me to try again with him, another part of me thinks it is bondage to remain in a relationship with a guy that I do not love. I am also afraid of breaking his heart. I don’t want to break his heart.

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  • If you don’t love him then let him go so he can meet someone that will love him truly. Truth is you will use him as a rebound if you agree to date him again. You need to heal properly first before you go into another relationship.

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