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Dear Mimsters: I Feel So Ashamed of Myself Right Now

Dear Mimsters: I Feel So Ashamed of Myself Right Now

Hello Mimsters, I feel just too sad and ashamed of myself right now.

I am 25 and have been in a relationship with this 37 year old guy for 3 months now.

I have a very busy schedule such that I always get back home by 9 p.m everyday. So, he mostly visits me at my shop and we usually have lunch or a stroll together.

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Today, I decided to take a day off and rest so I cooked and invited him for lunch. After lunch, he proposed a stroll which I accepted. As we went on a long drive around town, he picked up a lady and we drove off to a nearby snack shop.

While sharing a drink, he made the introductions. He said to me, “please meet my wife”, and to the wife he said, “please meet my girlfriend and wife to be.”

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Goodness! I had cold feet as this woman extended a handshake to me. I found my body numb while he emptied his bottle like nothing had just happened. My shock was heightened when his wife also emptied hers with so much ease. I couldn’t even touch mine, all I could do was gather myself together to call a cab to leave. I turned down his offer to drop me off right in front of his wife.

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How do I handle this because I’m in so much shock right now that I can’t even still believe it was reality. I can’t even think.

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  • Calm down, take deep breaths, take a walk around the house then take a shower. Afterwards pick your phone up, block that guy on every avenue you know he can reach you on and then sleep. That guy is not worth being in shock over.

  • it may be a test, men are very funny sometime, he may want to test how tolerant u are. so pls calm and watchful.

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