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Dear Mimsters: What Could Be Wrong With My Veejay?

Dear Mimsters: What Could Be Wrong With My Veejay?

What could be wrong with my veejay?

I’m a 26 year old virgin. For two weeks now, I have observed that my vagina has been producing a certain kind of discharge. This makes me itch and uncomfortable.

I used a mirror to check how it looks so I can get a clear perspective. It is cream or butter in color. I saw many open wounds all over my vagina opening and it smells. It has a discharge which stains my panties as well. Whenever I pee, and I rinse with water, I feel pains.

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Though, I had an accident last week and was given some antibiotics like ampliclox, diclofenac and some others, I was also given tetanus and 2 other injections, I don’t know if these could be related to its cause.

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Also, I live with my immediate family but I still use a potty. I don’t use the WC with them. I only use WC to urinate at my place of work, and I do not have a lot of co-workers.

I don’t use soap to wash my vagina as well. But I remember that around November ending 2017, I shaved completely that I left no hair. What could be wrong and what can I do? When I touch it, it hurts me. I’ve never experienced this before.

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