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Dear MIMsters: I Am Very Upset With My Mother-in-Law For Doing This

Dear MIMsters: I Am Very Upset With My Mother-in-Law For Doing This


What do I do? I am very upset with my mother-in-law for doing this.

I’m married with three beautiful kids while my husband and I are not doing so well,  financially at the moment. We are managing to make ends meet.

A few weeks ago, my mother in law called my dad to report my husband. She told my that my husband (her son), does not taking care of her like his other siblings are doing.

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Let me first explain something to you. Before my husband lost his job years ago, he took very good care of his mu. But right now, we are struggling so much with our finances. Our expenses are way higher than our income such that we hardly scale through a month without borrowing money from friends. I am very very sad right now.

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Why would my mother in law call my dad. I think she’s trying to pass a message to my dad. Maybe she thinks my dad receives money from us since we live in the same city with my dad. I was very angry when I heard she called my dad, so I called her immediately, while at it, the call ended.

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I called her back severally afterwards but she has since refused to pick my calls. I don’t know why she’s angry. She lives with my husband’s younger brother. I think she’s just being insensitive and doesn’t care about how we survive, despite her knowledge of our financial status.

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  • Tell your husband about it. Let him know what she has done now before she will twist everything upside down and put it on your head.

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