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Warning Signs a Woman Should Not Ignore About Her Health

Warning Signs a Woman Should Not Ignore About Her Health

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We often use painkillers to treat our minor health issues like headaches, menstrual pains, stomach aches and such related discomforts. We get drugs over the counter for pains we consider common and minor, but how do we tell an illness is not a minor one? When is a headache not just a headache and when is a cough not just a cough? Where does one draw the line at self medicating and visiting the Doctor’s office? Below are warning signs that every woman should not ignore:

1. NIPPLE DISCHARGE. When fluid(brownish, greenish, yellowish, or milky) begins to seep out of your nipple and you are not lactating, accompanied with pain in the breast, a lump or thickening inside the breast or in the underarm area, this could be a sign of Breast problems.   

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2. COUGHING up blood, having difficulty in breathing, wheezing severly and pneumonia could signal Lung issues.

3. SUDDEN DIZZINESS AND NUMBNESS accompanied by sudden eye problems, severe headaches, difficulty in talking properly, feelings of confusion and trouble in comprehending could be signs on an impending Stroke.

4. HEAVY BLEEDING with clots during periods, frequent urination, pain during sexual intercourse, menstruation that lasts longer than normal, pain in the pelvis, feeling full in the lower abdomen and an enlarged abdomen are symptoms of Fibroids.

5  FATIGUE AND UNUSUAL HUNGER. Getting easily tired all the time, peeing more often than you should, getting really thirsty, having a dry mouth and itchy skin, a blurred vision, slow healing soles, yeast infections, unplanned weight loss, if you are experiencing all these during the same period of time, you might be at risk of Diabetes.

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6. JOINT STIFFNESS, You could experience morning stiffness that would last for a few minutes or several hours. Your joints could become stiff at any time of the day whether you were active or not, it would ve followed by pain in your knees, ankles, feet, shoulders or even fingers.  There would be a mild inflammation of your joints, fever, numbness, tickling. These are early signs of Arthritis.

7.  ITCHY VAGINA, when you begin to itch in the vagina area, and it hurts when you pee, when there is a foul odour coming from your vagina with an ample amount of discharge, painful intercourse and urination, you are most likely being faced with a disease called Vaginitis.

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8.  BLOOD IN THE URINE, chest pain, vision problems, irregular heartbeat, pounding in the neck, ears or chest, severe headache, point to  Hypertension.

9.  BLACK STOOLS, not being able to control bowls, constipation, heart burn, rectal bleeding are likely due to  Stomach/digestive problems.

10.  ANXIETY, depression, fatigue, having no interest in regular activities, suicidal thoughts, feeling tense, nightmares point to EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS.

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If you begin to experience any of these traits, make a visit to your Doctor and explain your symptoms to him, in order to get the proper treatment that you may need, and most importantly, a treatment that would begin on time.

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