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Davido’s Baby Mama, Sophia Finally Shares How She Dealt With Getting Pregnant at a Young Age

Davido’s Baby Mama, Sophia Finally Shares How She Dealt With Getting Pregnant at a Young Age

Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu shared a piece of advice with a pregnant woman who came to her Snapchat page to ask for advice.

Using her own life experience, the single mom-of-one spoke revealed support from family members helped her get through that tough period.

When news broke that the Nigerian singer was expecting his first child with Sophia, many wanted to know who she was. There were some who also criticised her for trying to trap the superstar, who now has three children from three baby mamas, with the pregnancy.

Sophia has never explained how she dealt with the immense pressure she was under until now.

When asked by an expecting young mom, 25, who was in the same situation like Sophia was a couple of years ago, how she can deal with societal pressure about her condition, Sophia shared her own story as a way to explain what the lady could do.

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See message below…

“Good afternoon, Please I really admire your strength. Please can I ask you a very personal question that is related to me as well. I want to know how you could keep your baby, with all the pressure from society.”

“Right now am 25, and am pregnant for my boyfriend. Am so confused, he asked me to keep it. Am an only child, my mum is late and my dad has another family.”

I don’t know how am going to cope. Please am just asking, how did you overcome and still live your life.”

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Below is Sophia Momodu’s response;

“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done with myself if I didn’t have the kind of support system (family & friends) I have, through my pregnancy and afterwards, even though 95% of my family & friends found out via social media after I had my baby.

Most of them just wanted to know I was ok, some were mad at me but eventually got over it…

1. I’d say if you do keep your baby, don’t keep your pregnancy a secret from family, (it does things to your mind eventually can’t go into details now lol).

2. Don’t let anybody shame you. Nobody has the how to live life right handbook.

3. Educate yourself on post partnum depression cos it’s a hell of a ride especially if you’re clueless (it’s real af!)……

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4. Focus on your baby by trying to stay happy no matter what (you don’t want a moody baby & trust me, a happy baby makes it easier on those hard days).

5. Pray, speak positive words into your new journey it goes a long way.

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6. Keep your head up (it’s no longer about you). Tough times don’t last. Don’t worry boo Gods got you. One time my best friend told me God pays special attention to the prayer of a pregnant woman.

I swear I think it’s true. I’m praying for you & I hope you have an easy delivery (Big Hugs!).”

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Well said Sophie!

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