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Dear MIMsters: Are My Pastors Are Right To Say What My Husband Did Is Not Enough Reason to Leave

Dear MIMsters: Are My Pastors Are Right To Say What My Husband Did Is Not Enough Reason to Leave

My pastors are saying that what my husband did is not enough reason for me to leave him. Are they right to think so?

I have been married for 5 years without a child. We went to the hospital and after conducting some tests, we told that hubby has a low sperm count.

Yet, he doesn’t take his medications seriously. I always have to plead with him to take his treatment seriously but he does what pleases him.

To cut the story short, after the first year of our marriage, he started slapping me hard across the face even during little arguments.

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I lost my father and it took us 3 months to bury him and during this burial, my hubby never contributed anything, not even a dime. My hubby likes keeping malice as if tomorrow no dey. He has his own business but has never for once since this 4 years of our marriage paid our house rent without me contributing more than half of the money. Yet, after having an argument, he will go and tell people that I don’t support him by helping out.

Eighty percent of the properties we have at home were acquired by me, yet, he never shows appreciation for my efforts and support but shows appreciation to outsiders. He doesn’t even take me out. What he does is hit me whenever it suits him.

Once, I tried to retaliate and I received even more than the slap in return and just as he was about to beat me, my cousin showed up, and received the blows that were meant for me. I walked out that day for good.

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I decided to move out of the house so I can find peace and rest from all the abuse. Now, my pastors are calling me to come so we can talk things over. Not only my pastors, everyone else is saying I should go back. They say that what he did is not good enough reason for me to leave the house. Don’t be surprised that this man has never for once shown any remorse since I left home 2 months ago.

Do you think they are right? What would you advice me to do?

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  • They are not right oh don’t mind them abeg. Someone that doesn’t care where you have been for 2 months now doesn’t love you. Maybe the childless marriage is God’s way of saying you are not meant for each other. Please divorce him and move on before he kills you.

  • He is taking out his frustration on you. Those people telling you to go back won’t even advice their children to do that and if you are beaten to death, life will continue. So think well and apply wisdom

  • Hmmm, dear, I think your pastors are advising based on the bible stand of adultery been the only ground for divorced but to me a man who abuses his wife has already broken the marriage vow .
    Pride and frustration is his problem. His inability to provide for the home as he should is eating him up.
    My advise, I think you should live up to your pride and respect as a woman. Without a sincere apology, I think you should move on with him. He doesn’t deserve you.

  • Hmmmm
    Some men are almost the same, they never show appreciation, listen to what they got to say

  • I Am A Man And A Preacher. I Omly Give The Kind Of Advice I Will Take If I Am In The Same Situation. Any Man Who Beats His Wife Is Stii A Boy. He Is Not Suppose To Hav A Wife. Killing Is A Sin, But Killing To Defend Yourself In War Is Not. The Pastors That Told You To Go Back When The Man Hav Not Even Considered What He Did As Wrong Are Not Applying The Right Approach. If The Man Wants You Back, He Should Come And Beg By Himself And You May Accept Him On Terms An Conditions. My Advice Is MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. THERE IS NO MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN

  • My dear, move on with your life both of you are not meant to be and he’s yet to be a man. He’ll beat you to death one day and life will go on.

  • Your answers lies with God Go on your knees and speak with Him. He created marriage. Don’t allow anyone deceive u. God did not say a man should hit a woman. Be wise to avoid been killed. I hope you are awear of a program called home violence? Pray for solutions.

  • my dear don’t ever go back o all those giving u won’t be the to live with him,receive the slap.God forbid him killing u.a wide beater can never change o pls ignore them ooooo

    • Listen to pastor kee! Honor summon and decide right.Please for your dear life move on because is the only solution here…just go and answer the pastor but please as u took the bold step of moving out I think is the best option because life is to short and make most of it when you are still living . goodluck dearest

  • A man that hits you does not love you. You give your money to the home yet he doesn’t appreciate that. Theres no sign of remorse for the things he’s done. Move on with your life. You are worth way more than that. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise

  • If your husband want you back or your pastors just want you to go back? If it’s your husband that wants you back then I think you should agree to have a meeting with him and your pastor . Let them know what you are going through and then state your terms for going back. If he agrees then you can go back
    On the other hand, if your husband doesn’t want you back, please go back to your house and pack everything that you paid for. I mean every single thing, even dustbin. Even if you have to return to the marriage, don’t return anything. Let him learn to be responsible.
    May God help you

  • Please don’t go back unless you are convinced by the Holy Spirit to return and your husband signs an undertaking that he will never hit you again, he also needs to attend series of counseling alone and with you while you’re still away from his house. If you don’t see the change in him, please stay away before we hear stories that touch

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