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Dear MIMsters: My Fiancée Wants A Fancy Wedding But Is it Really Worth It?

Dear MIMsters: My Fiancée Wants A Fancy Wedding But Is it Really Worth It?

My fiancée wants a fancy wedding, but is it really worth it?

I have numerous friends but the ones that I am close to are less than 10 in number. I intend to invite only these ones that I’m in touch with to my wedding ceremony.

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Even though my family is a large one, I intend to limit the number of people who will be attending my wedding ceremony to only close relatives which will be not more than 15 of them.

In all, I’m looking at strictly inviting a maximum 30 people from my end which includes family and friends. My woman, on the other hand doesn’t have too many friends but she works in an institution that has exposed her to lots of clients.

Our marriage ceremony is fixed for October this year and we will be having a white wedding, the traditional ceremony and then signing in court. After these, a small reception for our guest.

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Our bills from town indicates that the least we would spend is Gh¢15000. Even though it is likely to go up, it will not exceed Gh¢20000. This is about N1, 800, 000 to N2, 300, 000. Even though I can afford it, I feel it is not wise to spend all this money just for the ceremony, especially when you consider the fact that things are tight these days.

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I told my woman that it is better we narrow the entire ceremony down to just family and few friends and limiting the whole guest to 60 or 70 people. I suggested we cut down on items like makeup, decorations, photography (getting a friend to do that for us) and the size of our guests just to save costs. Then we can have money left for something tangible when we are finally settled but she says that I am stingy, heartless and unrealistic.

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She says a wedding is meant to glorify the woman and our families and that that money is peanut for us. My question is, is it really necessary to blow cash on a wedding ceremony? Women who have had fanciful weddings, was it worth it? Please help a brother out.

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  • Why so spend so much to please people? Alot of people forget that there’s life after the wedding day. I am all for a small wedding biko.

  • My dear, my wedding is next month and my fiance and I are spending 500K. Someone is doing my makeup- I looked for the cheapest at 15k. Someone is handling photography for about 80K, etc. We are inviting just immediate family and my closest friends and the total guest count is 40. So yes, you can cut down on costs. My mother and mother inlaw wanted it to be big but I insisted on a small wedding. There are bigger and better things to do after the wedding.
    All the best to you. Give your fiance some conditions and tell her to add her own money to make the wedding work.

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