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Trying For a Baby After a Miscarriage? See What You Must Do After Your Loss

Trying For a Baby After a Miscarriage? See What You Must Do After Your Loss

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The loss of a pregnancy is one of the most devastating things that could happen to an expectant mother. Within the heart of a woman who is grieving the loss of her unborn child, lies the desire to carry another pregnancy as soon as possible, perhaps, to fill the void created by the one she already lost.

But before trying to conceive again after a miscarriage, they are certain things that should be taken into consideration.

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What Caused The Miscarriage?: You must check with your Doctor to diagnose the cause for the loss of the foetus. There could be an underlying chromosomal abnormality, physical problems in your body, uterine abnormalities, hormonal problems or  infections that you are not aware of. Knowing why the miscarriage happened and fixing the problem would  prevent it from recurring.

When is it safe to start trying for another baby? As soon as your miscarriage is complete and your blood is all dried up, you can start trying again. You do not have to wait for a period of months or years to try again. As soon as possible is just fine.

Be Emotionally And Physically Ready: Getting pregnant would not replace the child you lost, but it would be a great distraction from your pain. As eager as you are to welcome a new life into your arms, you have to be prepared for it. Allow yourself some time to heal emotionally and be physically strong enough to carry another baby. Don’t rush things if you are not feeling up to it. Be sure you are ready before trying again.

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Eat Right: Healthy food is generally good for the body and even more so for a woman who is trying to conceive. Incorporate fruits, vegetables and high protein foods rich in amino acids into your diet. Foods that are rich in calcium such as yogurt and milk should also make a huge part of your daily food as these would improve your chances of getting pregnant and carrying a healthy baby.

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Stay Hopeful. It is common to entertain the fear of a miscarriage reoccurring again, feelings of fear and grief are absolutely normal and like stated above, you would need some time to be emotionally strong again. But do not lose hope, a great percentage of women who had miscarriages went on to have successful pregnancies and deliveries, so stay positive. Besides, how would you know what the outcome of the next pregnancy would be, if you do not try again?.

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