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Dear MIMsters: I Can’t Take This Anymore…To Hell With For Better For Worse

Dear MIMsters: I Can’t Take This Anymore…To Hell With For Better For Worse

I can’t take this anymore. I just can’t.

We have been married for 8 years with 2 children between us. He has been a good provider but I won’t necessarily call him a great father. There has been cases of him cheating on me before we got married but I thought that will stop after marriage.

I thought I will be able to satisfy all his sexual needs and fantasies but how wrong was I to think so.

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He stopped cheating on me for a while or maybe he didn’t but I just wasn’t observant. My husband will cheat on me with anything in skirts, even with a maid, but now he has a regular girlfriend, who calls my home at odd times of the day.

I have done all I can to make him change, forgiving him, including praying and fasting. I try to look good all the time, if it’s the looks that he’s after. I’m almost a relic of myself because I have dropped 2 sizes after the birth of our last daughter. I was willing to stay and go through this for the sake of our children, but recently he’s started beating me. I am afraid for my life as I see him becoming very erratic.

Where is that attentive man that I fell in love with? I can’t believe he is the same person that almost choked the life out of me a few days ago.  I dress all covered up these days, to hide bruises and scars. I want to run away with my kids.

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My Pastor tells me to remember my vows of for better for worse and if I divorce him, I cannot remarry. God cannot be in support of this, he can’t.

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He even beats me in front of the children. I can’t take this anymore. I am emotionally and physically drained. There has to be a way out, there surely must be.

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  • I think the best thing in situations like this in an African setting is to first of all invite members of the family from both sides and one trusted friend to discuss with him cos d issue has gone out of hand. If afterwards that he continues, the lady can leave with her kids. I mean separation not divorce.

  • No two way, Just leave and go. If you dont, you will be dead before you realize it. Abusive relationship is not healthy and safe. Cheating Man wont change except he gives his life to God totally.

  • Let your pastor bring his daughter or sister to marry the man and endure the abuse so he can remind them of their vows. Pls distance yourself from that man and let both families try to settle the issues. Ensure he provides for his kids during the separation. You can get a court order to ensure that. I am tired of all these irresponsible behavior Biko.

  • You have to bring the knowledge of both of your families to this. If he continues to beat you afterwards. Then separation I’d be inevitable.

  • See how Nigerian pastors mislead people? Why do people even listen to these so called pastors? So because you made a vow of till death do us part means tthe death should be from your husband’s hands? Please leave oh while you can and don’t listen to that pastor.

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