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Dear MIMster: How Do I Tell My Cousin What I’ve Been Doing With Her Newly Wedded Husband?

Dear MIMster: How Do I Tell My Cousin What I’ve Been Doing With Her Newly Wedded Husband?

How do I tell my cousin what I’ve been doing with her newly wed husband?

I’m a 21-year-old girl in 300 level. I have a cousin that I like so much and she is very fond of me as well. When she got married, she invited me over and I went during one of our holidays.

Unfortunately, when I got to her house and saw her husband again, I became more attracted to him. He is so handsome, sweet and sophisticated. I knew I couldn’t control myself anymore, so, I told my cousin that I would leave the next day. She however became angry and even her husband begged me to stay.

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I accepted to stay but was so tempted to have him that I allowed the devil take over. I started thinking of ways to seduce him. I would wear bum shorts and walk in front of him and bend down – I was doing crazy things to him and he fell for it after a while.

I knew he loved his wife dearly but he couldn’t stop having me. Sometimes, we would make out at night while my cousin was asleep and even during the day while she was busy watching her series. She was oblivious of it all because we left no trace for her to spot.

I went back to school after a few weeks and started feeling bad about what I had done to my cousin but her hubby still wouldn’t leave me alone. I couldn’t resist him either. He always finds time to come to my school. I’m overwhelmed with guilt and it has affected every aspect of my life.

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I met a priest who prayed for me recently and felt some peace in my heart but he insisted I should confess to my cousin to stop our illicit affair. But, won’t that ruin her happiness? What would she think of me? I don’t want to break her marriage. What do I do?

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  • You don’t want to break her marriage but you slept with her husband mtschew. you are evil. If I was your cousin and I found out, I will leave him for you. He is just as evil as you are.

  • This is the kind of story that will always shock us no matter how many times we hear it. It’s best you tell your cousin before she finds out for herself. If you tell her, and apologize, she will forgive you but you have to tell her because if she finds out for herself she might do something crazy and it will be your fault.

  • very stupid thing to do dint you realise you could break her home when you were pulling ur pants n seducing him like a chicken in heat…what were u thinking…

  • Go ahead and tell her!! It may only break your relationship with her….not as if the relationshil has not been destroyed anyways. AND YOU MUST STOP THE HUSBAND FROM SEEING YOU GOING FORWARD!!! Hian… too will get married one day o!!!

  • Nothing surprises me anymore. You already risked breaking her marriage by sleeping with her husband. So if you have truly repented, tell her everything and ask for her forgiveness. You could do that in writing, take it to her and insist she only open it when you are gone. Just know nothing is hidden under the sun so spill it now before she finds out

  • if you care for her tell her, she shouldnt be with that man! This marriage is doomed anyways, it is just a matter of time.

  • You have made the mistake just as the priest said confess to your cousin free your conscience and move on a better person . May God show you the way

  • Just take your stupid ugly evil and devilish self outta their lives forever.

  • Too bad. You have just successfully wrecked your cousin’s home. Anyway break all ties with d guy and warn him to stay completely away from you. Tell him you’re sorry for all dat has been happening btw you two and he should stick to his wife. Confess to your cousin as well. This is a lesson to every woman never to trust anybody with your spouse. Even your own blood. Men are moved by what they see.

  • firstly, shame on you! u should confess so dt u’ll be @ peace but just know that karma is waitin for you.

  • Well it has happen, but what I think you should do is to ask GOD to forgive you and then go to your cousin also ask for her forgiveness.
    In life we all make mistakes, but how to correct our mistake is the most important part of life.
    And for your cousin husband, who keep coming to you if you don’t care send his phone no to me , I will call him and talk with him

  • Please just stop. Confession and forgiveness is for God. Confessing to your cousin will definitely destroy your relationship with your cousin and may also destroy her marriage. Confess to God and the good Lord will forgive you

  • Well, this is really bad but it’s not beyond repair . The right steps to take are….
    1. Pray very well to God about your confession to cousin that He should take control.
    2. Look for a woman who is old and able to counsel or a counselor before going to your cousin.
    3. Break ties with the husband, you just have to stand your ground.
    4. Confession must be done but with great caution.

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