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What Could Happen To a Crying Baby When They are Ignored

What Could Happen To a Crying Baby When They are Ignored

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy Esq

A baby’s cry signifies a call for attention, a need to be fed, changed or just swaddled in the warm arms of its mother. There have been theories that say, sometimes it is best for a mother to just allow her child to cry it out because that would make the child strong and independent later in life. It goes on to suggest that attending to a crying baby every time spoils that child and makes him/her to grow up into a demanding and entitled being.

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But, is this really so?

Below is a list of truths shown by scientific research on what could really happen when you  choose to ignore the cry of a baby:

  1. The blood pressure in the baby’s brain would shoot up, and her stress hormones would rise.
  2. Children who are allowed to cry for a prolonged period of time grow up with an over active adrenaline system which causes them  to be impulsive with a high level of aggression and violent behavior as they age into adult hood observed Bruce Perry, a scientific researcher.
  3. It affects their brain power such that they turn out having low IQ’s as compared to children in their age group.
  4. It makes it difficult for them to control their emotions as they age and even become fussier, which is contrary to the belief that it makes them independent.
  5. It could be a cry for help, they might be feeling really sick or  faced with a life threatening situation that could quickly become deadly.

When your baby cries, run to him, find out the reason for his tears and give him what he needs. Do not assume that he is “crying for nothing” least you ignore a critical situation.

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Allan Schore said, “The most important influence of a child’s intellectual development is the responsiveness of the mother to the cues of her baby”.

Do not ignore your crying child. It could do him more harm than good.

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