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Baby Massage: 5 Ways To Massage Your Baby For Best Results

Baby Massage: 5 Ways To Massage Your Baby For Best Results

Massaging your baby is good both for their emotional and physical well being. Our baby massage is a mini wellness program which has been designed to suit your everyday life. No need for elaborate preparation as it can be routinely done everyday.

How Massaging a Baby Helps Them

  1. It promotes peaceful sleep in babies.
  2. It reduces fussiness and crying.
  3. It eliminates discomfort induced by constipation and colic
  4. It relieves stress in babies by stimulating the release of oxytocin, a feel-good neurohormone and decreases the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.
  5. It promotes a baby’s confidence and fosters bond between the carer and the child.

Before embarking on a massage, first, connect with your baby

  1. Rub your hands together until they are nice and warm.
  2. Lay them on his chest, gently exerting a little pressure on his upper body.
  3. While at no. ii above, look deeply into your child’s eyes and maintain this intimate contact for a few minutes.

1. Foot Massage: Let your baby enjoy a reflexology foot massage. This can relieve a baby from constipation.

  1. With one hand, hold your baby’s foot with the sole facing you.
  2. Using the other hand, place your thumb on the heel and massage in circles, working your way up to the toes.
  3. Exert slight pressure on each toe as you massage.
  4. Finally, massage the ankle.

2. Arms Crossing Massage: Helps baby on the journey of self discovery.

  1. Holding his two hands, guide your baby to embrace himself over his chest.
  2. If you started by placing the right arm above the left, alternate by placing the left arm above the right.
  3. iii. Sing softly to your baby as you exercise.

3. Stomach Massage: The water wheel blades tummy exercise helps babies release trapped air so that they can sleep peacefully. Incorporate this into your night routine after giving your baby a bath.

  1. Apply some lotion or oil on your baby’s tummy.
  2. Press your hands firmly on your baby’s tummy below the rib cage, one hand covering
  3. the upper tummy and the other hand on the abdomen.
  4. Stroke in a ‘U’ motion around the baby’s belly button.

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4. Back Massage

  1. Place one hand diagonally across your baby’s back, starting from the left shoulder.
  2. Forming a wide side ‘V’, with both hands, place your second hand across, with your palms touching your baby’s bottom.
  3. Stroke diagonally, as one hand reaches the top of your baby’s shoulder, bring the other hand down.
  4. Remember to sing softly as you massage. This massage will put him to sleep easily.

6. Legs Crossing Massage: Like the Lotus position in Yoga, this massage will bring relief to a colic baby.

  1. Lie baby on his back.
  2. Bring his legs to cross each other in an X form.
  3. Do this in alternates with his legs resting on his tummy.
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