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Lami Philips on Putting Her Roles as Wife and Mom First

Lami Philips on Putting Her Roles as Wife and Mom First

Neo-Soul/Afro-pop, Lami Phillips-Gbadamosi, is a singer and mom of two, and is married to Labo,  her lover of 21 years and husband for 13. In a new interview Sunday Beats, Lami reveals a little more about her background, marriage, and motherhood amongst other things.

See excerpts from interview below…


I think my parents did a very good job in making sure that I became open-minded. I try as much as possible to stay unbiased and I try to explore myself as an artiste. I have also learnt to appreciate songwriting; you have to tell a story when singing and take people somewhere.

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Moving around the world due to my father’s job and schooling made me understand different cultures. I don’t get bitter about things or take issue personal. I try to live a peaceful and happy life. I am the only one who does music professionally in my family but my grandma taught music and my parents used to be in the choir.


For my elementary education, I attended Corona School in Victoria Island, Lagos, and that was the first place I was told I could sing. For my post-elementary education, I went to Queen’s College in Yaba, Lagos. I bagged my first degree at the University of Kent and a second degree at the University of Nottingham.

I also got an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University. I went to theatre and music school as well. Having quality education has helped me in many ways because sometimes, I am required to speak to people.  I don’t see my education as a wasted effort. If people are talking, I can participate confidently in the conversation without doubting myself.

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On Marriage

I married young and happy. I basically grew up with my husband; so, getting married has not affected my music. It is possible marriage has made me to ask myself honest questions about doing certain things.

Sometimes, when you are a public personality, you want to be everywhere but you can be everywhere doing nothing. When you have other priorities, you only go to places where you get values.

On Motherhood

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I put being a wife and mother first because at the end of the day, that is what I would be left with. When you are a public personality, people would love you for as long as you give them what they want. However, your family would be there when everything else might not be there.

For me, my family and loved ones are so cherished; making them my priorities has made life easier for me. I also have a good support system because my husband is amazing.

He is very wise and I get ideas from him. He was the first person to encourage me to take music and acting seriously. He is not the type of man who wants his wife to always stay at home or feel less of a person.





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