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10 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

Some men are just at a loss when it comes to knowing what it feels like to grow and carry another human in your uterus for the better part of a year. There are some things that women wish men just knew about being pregnant:

1. “We” Are Not Pregnant

As sweet as it is, when men say “We” are pregnant, most times it annoys women . No offence men, its not your uterus expanding, your cervix getting shrunk, your skin stretching or your butt getting bigger…Sometimes we just want you to accept that when it comes to birthing children, we women are King!

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2.  We Are Always Tired

Yes, we might not have done so much house work during this period, we may not even be cooking as much, or doing typical house duties. We hope that you understand we are tired, it could last all 9 months, or some specific periods! Help us and be tender please..

3. We Are Not Helpless

Yes, although we may be tired sometimes, we still insist on doing things by ourselves sometimes too. Give us a little bit of breathing room sometimes. We are aware that we are vulnerable, we just don’t want to be reminded all the time.

4. We Want To Hear “You Are Beautiful” All The Time

We know that you can see our noses swelling, our faces puffing up, our feet swelling, our skin breaking out sometimes, we know you hear us cough up phlegm and blow our noses due to the congested nostrils..we know we are far from beautiful when all of this happens, we however will appreciate when you constantly remind us of how beautiful we look, even though we look like cute giant balloons.

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5. Hormones Are Driving Us Crazy

Don’t be surprised that we might start crying because you forgot to buy the exact kind of bread we asked for, or if we are extremely happy when we watch a cartoon. It’s the hormones turning us inside out. We have little control over our body or emotions at this time.

6. You Can’t Call Us  “Big,” “Round,” and “Growing”

We know we are getting big. You know it. Everybody does. During this time, we are weight conscious and do not need to be reminded of how big or round we are getting.

7. Sex Can Be a Sensitive Subject

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It’s not that we don’t miss you “like that”, we just want you to know and understand that sometimes, our lady parts hurt for no reason. We don’t have any infections or any medical issue, they just get swollen and too sensitive, that any action down there puts us off totally!

8. We Secretly Loathe Pushing A Baby Out Of Our Privates

The joy of being a mum and bringing life into the world cannot even be compared to the pain we feel when we are being stretched out by our angels coming into the world. Its something that you have no control over, but we want you to still know about it, and respect how much we guide whatever happens down there.

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9. Celebrity “Snap Back’s” Are Unrealistic

We all live in an age where celebrity mums have taken over the internet, snapping back after 7 days or few weeks! We understand that its important to be fit during and after pregnancy, but we want you to know that these women have a number of dietitians, nannies, personal trainers and chefs, etc, which make it easier for them to have enough time and resources to work out 20 hours a day if they want to, and be waited on hand and foot.  Please don’t hold us to the same standards as these celebs.Don’t expect us to to get our pre-pregnancy body back so quickly. After all, it took us 9 months to swell, and it just might take us 9 months or more to get our bodies back.

10. It’s A No Sex-Zone After The Baby

Doctor’s say its no sex for six weeks after the baby,  but don’t be surprised if we stretch it by a few more weeks or months. We are eager to get back in the sack after having a baby, but we are also very careful about what kind of action goes on down there, especially after a vaginal birth.

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