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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Cope Without Running Back to Him

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Cope Without Running Back to Him

How do I cope without running back to him?
I am a young woman who is 22 years old. When I finished secondary school four years ago, my mum stopped caring for my needs and stopped supporting me because she thought I was old enough to look after myself and I had started working.
My mum is a widow who works as a cleaner and earns only 15k. She gave birth to three kids and she supports all three of us single-handedly.
My only boyfriend has been the only one supporting me since I finished secondary school four ago. Now, whenever we have a misunderstanding, this guy will abuse me and my generation. He would tell me that he doesn’t blame me, me that my mother does not care if I have eaten today or not? The insult I receive from him is too much. Now, he wants to take it to the level of beating me.
Last week, I decided to leave him and let go. My problem is I am afraid of how I am going to cope without him. I don’t want to sleep around with men to meet my needs and I am not yet ready to get married. I want to go to school. I want to take GCE this year but I only earn 20k a months and as I write this, from my last salary, what I have left in my account is 8k.
How do I cope with fending for myself without going back to him?
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  • Please don’t go back to him. I think you should start a small business oh to sustain you.

  • I think you are extravagant. If your mummy can manage your family with only 15k, why cant you manage yourdelf with 20k? Please, minimize your expenfiture.

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