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Dear MIMsters: Just When I Was About To Smile Again, Life Happens (Part 4)

Dear MIMsters: Just When I Was About To Smile Again, Life Happens (Part 4)


Continued from part One , Two and Three

My father was adequately updated before I regained consciousness.

And just like that, I was on my own. Though my father didn’t turn his back on me, he couldn’t afford to pay for my school and be responsible for my baby’s upkeep at the same time, so I opted to rough my way through school while he helped me with the baby.

I had a baby boy while the school was on strike and I called him Johnny. When school re-opened, I left for Ibadan alone leaving Johnny in the safe hands of my father and grandmother, and went to face reality alone back at school.

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It was not easy but I graduated with a 2.1.

In those 6 years, I lost my grandmother. I lost my father. And I lost my elder brother. Johnny became all to me because neither Jude nor his parents ever looked back. Gbenga got married and relocated to Australia while Franca moved to Kaduna after her wedding.

Johnny bears Jude’s last name even though he denied him. My father said he was certain that Jude would someday come for his son. He thought it was best to allow him bear Jude’s last name so that things would not be too complicated for Johnny later in life. As for me, I was too ashamed of myself to disagree with him; so all I did was agree with everything he had to say. It was actually a huge relief that someone was doing the thinking for me; I was too distraught to think straight!

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Finally, Tony came along!

We courted for 2 years and we got married. Tony is based in America. He came to Nigeria for us to get married and he went back to start processing my papers. I thought I could finally enter into my rest but Tony just called to give me one of the most shocking news any woman can ever hear…

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How do I get out of this?!

Tony says Johnny’s last name is making it difficult for him to process his papers because his father must give a written permission before we can be allowed to take him out of Nigeria.

Tony doesn’t have plans of settling down in Nigeria. Johnny cannot go with me without his father’s permission. I do not have anyone to leave him with in Nigeria. Neither Jude nor his parents know about Johnny. They’ve never met him. He has never met them.

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Tony is becoming impatient with me. I am confused! What do I do? Do I let Tony go and hold on to Johnny? Do I give Johnny up for adoption? Can someone out there help me before I run mad!

Why are the laws of this land so tough on women? Why? Just why?

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