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Six Tips on How to Survive Being a Single Mom

Six Tips on How to Survive Being a Single Mom

Ogbugoh  Terundu Joy

Raising kids is hard, raising kids without a partner is even harder. This is why we have compiled six tips to help you survive this challenging role single handedly without losing your cool.

1. Don’t Try to be a Perfectionist:  Constantly putting things in order and cleaning up after the kid can drive anyone crazy. Sometimes, give yourself a break from doing the dishes, picking up after the kids and just lie down and take a nap to re-energize yourself. 

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2. Set Reminders: You can write down your to do list and paste it on the fridge in the kitchen, on top of your bed or better still, you can set an alarm for every activity you have planned for the day, set a reminder for when you are to pick the kids, go to the  market, do the laundry etc, this way it would be hard for you to forget what you need to do.

3. Ask for and Accept Help When Offered: Don’t try to be a superwoman all the time. Ask your family to take the kids for the weekend and accept when well meaning friends offer to help you with house chores. Ask and accept to carpool with another parent for school runs. 

4. Get a Job: You cannot run a home without money, so if you are out of a job or yet to get one, find a menial job temporary to enable you put some food on the table. You cannot afford to stay idle and live off child support, if he pays any at all. Having your own money will give you financial independence and the buying power to purchase some of your needs and wants if not most.

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5. Allow your Child’s Father to be in his Life: As long as it is safe for you and your child, let your child’s father be in his life as much as possible. There’s a lot your child can benefit from having a relationship with his dad. Do what’s best for your child and everyone will be happy.

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6. Take Some “ME TIME” Off: Take some time off to do something you enjoy doing and that which makes you happy – go watch a movie, get a manicure, do something, whatever it is that you love to do, you should find time to do it. This will help recharge your batteries, reinvogorate and reenergise you emotionally and physically. Create time for you and you alone without the kids.

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