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5 Common Ways You May Be Hindering Your Child’s Progress

5 Common Ways You May Be Hindering Your Child’s Progress

Eyinade Eweje

Every parent wants to give their children the best to enable them have a great head start in life. While this is the desire of most parents, actions played out to achieve this purpose may be futile and here’s why, you may be hindering your child’s progress without even knowing it. How? Find common ways…

1. Micromanaging. Constantly hovering over your child and putting too much pressure to make him meet goals that are sometimes unrealistic for his age will definitely backfire. Don’t turn into a control freak. Let your children make decisions too. Even if they are not always the best ones, they’ll face the consequences, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately grow into zealous, independent and responsible adults who can make wise decisions.

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2. Constant criticism. A child cannot be all bad. However, some parents concentrate solely on the bad and criticize endlessly. This may make a child give up on himself.

Spot his strengths, help him identify and harness them, and praise his baby steps all the way. You’ll be inspiring him to be the best he can ever be, and even begin to try to overcome those weaknesses or bad habits you don’t approve of.

3. Dictating their career choice. The fact that your parents did the same to you and perhaps your siblings too and you are all doing well today doesn’t matter. Your role as a good parent is to guide them towards the right career path based on their academic strengths, skills and interests. Forcing or manipulating them to choose a path they have no passion for may have dire consequences on their future, and they’ll definitely blame you for it.

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4. Comparing them to others. Life is not a competition and nothing should be treated as ‘do or die’, so stop constantly comparing your child to others or even his peers as this will adversely affect his self esteem and may make him feel inferior. These will definitely have adverse effects on his chances of ever getting better. Your goal should be encouraging him and creating ways to help him get better. Don’t make it about outshining his peers’ achievements.

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5. Failing to support their talent. You never know how far your child will go with that special talent or skill you claim is demeaning to the family. As long as his education is not jeopardized, supporting him may bring amazing results in the near or distant future.

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