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Dear MIMsters: Can This Relationship Lead to a Good Marriage?

Dear MIMsters: Can This Relationship Lead to a Good Marriage?

I love my boyfriend so much and he loves me too but I want to know if this relationship can lead to a good marriage.

The problem is that his family hates me with passion for reasons best known to them. When I asked my boyfriend why his family hates so much, he told me that it is because he left a girl in his village for me. I asked him why he left the girl he told me because she was such a pretender and has poor character. But she keeps pretending to his family. They like her because she’s friendly with them and does house chores whenever she visits them.

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My boyfriend knows his girlfriend’s vices to a fault but his family keep saying she’s good. I am from a different tribe but I don’t know if that is the reason why they hate me. I’ve told my guy who is a graduate several times to go and find a job so that he can start building up his life and live on his own but he keeps telling me not to worry!

I am 27 years old – age is not on my side and I’m dating a guy who is still living under his sister’s roof. This worries me a lot.

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Recently, my boyfriend’s family harassed, abused, beat and drove me out of their house. I wept bitterly as I left. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is consoling and telling me to be strong.

Now my question is can this kind of relationship lead to marriage at all?

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  • You want to go into a marriage with a man that his family hates you even beat and drove you in this Nigeria where family has more say than spouse. Wehdone ma. Use age is not on your side and fall into a trap.

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