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Dear MIMsters: He’s Hurt Me But I Still Want Him Back

Dear MIMsters: He’s Hurt Me But I Still Want Him Back

I’m 26 years and life has really dealt with me for being a good person such that sometimes I feel like taking my life and that of my 8 months old baby. Even though he’s hurt me to this point, I still want him back.

I don’t understand how life can be so wicked and why some men are so heartless. My story goes like this….

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In the month of December, l met a man who is 10 years old than l am. He proposed a relationship and I told him how scared l was about loving someone these days and he assured me that he isn’t like that. He told me that he was unmarried and didn’t have kids, so l should give him a try and I did.

Later, I found out that l was pregnant. When I told him, it was then that he revealed his true colors. What is abuse and insult compared to what he did to me? He threatened me with abortion or face the consequence. He then said that his ex girlfriend is 4 months pregnant for him and since my pregnancy comes after his girlfriend, I should abort or he will leave me to my fate and cut off communication with me.

I cried and prayed. Anytime I contacted him, he would insult and abuse me. He said that I wanted to trap him with pregnancy but I will not succeed. I prayed and hoped he would changed his mind. Truth be told, if he had told me he had a girlfriend, I would not have dated him.

He came around when I was 8 months pregnant and he promised to take care of the child but didn’t want to have anything to do with me again.

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He would go for months without calling me and when he calls, it is to ask if we need something. I have a well paid job and I don’t need his money but a father who will be there for me and my child. He will send peanut once every 3 months but never visits. He claims he is always busy.

When my baby was born, he never did a proper naming ceremony for my child and he came with a friend to name her without parents. My parent’s say I should leave everything to God and forgive him. Forgive someone who never apologized! None of my people ever confronted him. I don’t even know any of his people to report him to.

I am so pained and still cry myself to sleep even though I have a beautiful daughter that should cheer me up. Despite the pain he has caused me, I still want him back to have a complete family. l don’t want to be a single parent.

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  • You want a man who has a girlfriend and didn’t tell you, he impregnated the said girlfriend and told you about it, abused and insulted you and has not been supportive or bother to see his child to start a family with just because you don’t want to be a single parent? You need your head examined. No scratch that, we need to set you back to default. Really? So you would rather marry a man like that than be single and be free. Girl where’s your head at? Ehhhh God.

    • Really? You want him back because of what? Remind me said you have a well paid job so u don’t need his peanuts so whats your problem?. Are you so scared of being alone that you are prepared to settle for so little? Am sorry to say that you have such a low self esteem.

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