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Celebrity Single Moms & Dads (Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dikeh, Emeka Ike) Shade Their Partners as They Mark Father’s Day

Celebrity Single Moms & Dads (Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dikeh, Emeka Ike) Shade Their Partners as They Mark Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day set aside to a to honor fathers, celebrate paternal bonds and fatherhood, and the to recognise the influence of fathers in the society. This year father’s day was celebrated yesterday, 17th of June, 2018.

To celebrate the day, celebrity single dads and mums alike took to their various social media pages to pen beautiful messages to themselves. As the single mothers praised their efforts for solely shouldering the responsibilities of two, they also showered curses on deadbeat fathers.

Check out the celebrities below…

1. Tonto Dikeh

In her Father’s day message, Philantropist and actress, Tonto Dikeh whose marriage was dissolved last over allegations of domestic violence on both sides and infidelity, declared that she has been a great father to her son.

While celebrating herself for her numerous efforts as a father to her son, she also used the medium to advise other men on how to be great fathers, in a rather lengthy post.

“It’s Father’s Day and I wish Me and every man trying his best to be a good father, a Happy Father’s Day. Being a father is a tough job as a matter of fact you NEED to be anointed to function in the role of a father and these are the things I want to discuss today.

There are men who impregnated a woman and gave birth to a child but they are not fathers because they have not been able to provide for the mother and child.

When you think of all the bills you have to pay to take care of your family you will realize that fatherhood is not for boys.

To be a productive father you must go after the anointing and I will teach you how. The anointing guarantees that you can take care of your family very well and still have excess. How do you get anointed as a father?

1. Fear God: The bible says in Psalm 37:25
”I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.”

Righteous doesn’t mean someone who looks holy, it is the person who works out godly principles.

2. Give: Giving is God’s nature, if your children’s school fees is 200k and you have never given up to that amount before you always hustle their school fees. It is what you give that you can command. You MUST increase your giving if you want to be a good father.

3. Stay away from strange women: You can’t be a good father if you are sleeping around. You will start spending the money you are supposed to use to take care of your children on gold diggers.

4. Take care of your family and God will take care of you. ALWAYS put them first. If you make sure your children and wife don’t lack anything, God will make sure you don’t lack anything too.

As you begin to function like this, God will put a special grace on you to raise your children properly in Jesus name. #YearofTheNew #HAPPY FATHERS DAY #RP.”

In reaction to Tonto’s message, declaring that she is a proud father, Churchill Olakunle, her estranged ex husband and baby daddy took to Instagram to respond. He declared he is a proud Father to their son.

Churchill also noted that his son is the greatest gift that God has given him, however, the last time Churchill saw his son was on his 2nd birthday school celebration in February.

“Dear Lord, your gifts are many. Am thankful for everyone. One of the greatest gift you have given is the gift of my dear son.

Thank you for his life, dear Lord, watch over him everyday, may he be safe and free from harm, as he goes about each day. Bless him through life’s trial, help him choose right from wrong. An example for all to see, standing tall and proud and strong.


2. Mercy Aigbe

Actress, Mercy Aigbe‘s marriage to Lanre Gentry hit the rocks over domestic violence and since then, she has been the only one taking care of her two kids.

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The ever stylish yummy mummy dedicated her Father’s day message to celebrate herself and single mums in the country for keeping up with the responsibility of a father in the life of their kids.

Mercy, who walked out on her marriage last year, could not help herself in her message as she also shaded her estranged husband and those “sperm donors” claiming to be fathers yet contribute nothing to the lives of their kids.

She also recognized herself as being a strong single mother for the past 17years and also laying curses on dead beat dads.

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”Happy Father’s Day to me and to all the beautiful, strong single mothers out there!!!!….. Almost 17 years of single parenting and God has been awesome!. To all the real fathers, standing up to their responsibilities I say may the lord continue to increase you in every area of your lives IJN.

To the yeye association of Sperm donors I say continue oh! Nemesis will catch up with you! Surely � That rejected stone will become the chief cornerstone and y’all will bite your fingers in regret! ….. on a second thought, this useless men should be forced to stand up to their responsibilities! …..

Does anyone know if there is a child support law in NIGERIA? And if there is I think it’s about time it’s enforced!!!…. so all these jabajantis ‘Fadas’ will sit up!….. If you agree with me, gather in the comment section let us take a Selfie with huge Smile on our faces ����.”

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However, her estranged husband and second baby daddy responded to her post and also decided to clear the air. In an Instagram post, Mr Gentry wished himself a happy Fathers’ Day and listed all the things he does for his son with Mercy and also for Mercy’s daughter who isn’t his biological child.

“Happy father’s day to me, I thank God for my life and I genuinely love my kids and I take good care of them, from paying their school fees and taking full responsibilities including my Juwon Gentry and even Mitchell, I have proof and I will never stop taking care of them, once again happy fathers day to me and I am proud to say that.”

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3. Toyin Lawani

As the two moms above took out time to celebrate themselves for playing the fatherly role in the lives of their children, fashion entrepreneur and CEO of The Tiannah’s Place Empire, Toyin Lawani, who didn’t like this went on her Instagram page to call out these class of single mums.

She described them as idiots and lost souls. She went on to say that men are entitled to 10 women and that even pastors cheat. Toyin, who has two kids with different fathers says women should learn to respect their baby daddys because they can never take the place of a father in their child’s life

She wrote;

”To fathers day??????? To all the idiot mums that thinks a mothers space can ever be replaced by a fathers space in their kids lives, Get this ehn? You can never grow A dick, Best believe and start acting right, even if the father of our kids are dead beats? Ehn? you have to make it work for the future, for the sake of the child who didn’t beg you to Born him,?‍?

Every man is entailed to 10 women, even pastors cheat, you better recognize and act right for the sake of the children that didn’t beg you to bring them to live ?‍??

Our world is corrupt, just make it work, for your kids sake, kids like this grow up hating their dads like me, God please help them lost souls ????

In a seperate post, Toyin also celebrate her second babydaddy, Lordtriggs (pictured above) whom she described as immature.

”Happy fathers Day @lordtrigg even though you act immature cause you’re young,you gave me the greatest gift no human can and he’s @lordmaine2 I’m grateful for that forever. Love wins always for the sake of our kid, cause I know how hard you try and I refuse, cause I’m capable ?????

We love you and we wish you well on Your new album? You think I’m stupid? But I will always make it work cause of my kid????? I’m happy with my man, he’s happy with his girl but we share a bond and we must stand unite for his sake??? and the future ??????? his name is @lordmaine2 ?your future president ???????”.

4. Actor Emeka Ike

In his Father’s Day message, Emeka Ike, proficient Nollywood actor whose 14-year-old marriage to his estranged wife Emma, got dissolved in March last year, over alleged incessant battery, shades his ex-wife and also advises other Fathers Nationwide.

The 50-year-old father-of-4 wrote;

”We wey dey play papa & mama’s role nko? When be our day??? Na today?… and how do you celebrate us? Happy motherFathers day???????????????????? have a hilarious Sunday great friends ????????????????????.

Fathers never, l repeat, never ever abandon an innocent child for anything in the world. Anger, cheating, lost, love et’el… their pain will haunt your future. Be a proud & responsible father like me today, love your kids like you.”

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