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Moms Who Almost Lost Their Lives During Childbirth Tell Their Harrowing Tales in Honest Confessions

Moms Who Almost Lost Their Lives During Childbirth Tell Their Harrowing Tales in Honest Confessions

In the distant past, the risk of losing a life during childbirth was pretty high. Advancement in medical practices has contributed to considerably reduce maternal mortality rate in developed countries. Maternal mortality rate in developing countries are still high.

Sharing on the secret-sharing app, Whisper women from around the world who had a brush with death during make their brutal and honest confession about childbirth that anyone hardly talks about.

A mother-of-one confessed the trauma of giving birth to her daughter discourages her from getting pregnant again.

One mom who became disabled after three traumatic births revealed her husband now calls her a ‘burden’.

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Another mom revealed a man who shamed her stretch marks without knowing her stomach almost tore apart during traumatic child birth.

One mom confessed she planned to ignore warnings from doctors that she could die in the hopes of having a second child.

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A mom-of-two survived two close encounters with death during child birth due to erratic blood pressure and heart rate.

One mom was heartbroken to miss her daughter’s first breath after she lost consciousness from blood loss.

Another blamed their doctor’s decision not to perform an emergency C-section for how they almost died giving birth. 

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One mom waited eight months for intimacy after a stillbirth and near death experience.

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A mother who lost consciousness during child birth revealed she would do it again to have the closeness to her child

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One woman says her near death experience during labour changed her views on abortion.

A mother-of-five looked back four years on from her close encounter with death filled with pride that she was given the opportunity to watch her children grow up.

Another mother confessed she resented her son in the early weeks after his birth because of her difficult labour.

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