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This Touching Article By An Autistic 10-Year-Old Girl Is Guaranteed To Make You Emotional

This Touching Article By An Autistic 10-Year-Old Girl Is Guaranteed To Make You Emotional

A story penned by a beautiful autistic 10-year-old girl has attracted praise from academicians and others living with the condition.

Libby wrote this touching piece at her home in Kent, after a conversation with her grandmother about how autism affects her.

The writing was so impressive that her proud mum, Kym Scott decided to post it on Twitter (@kymscott) where it has been retweeted more than 17,000 times and has received more than 42,000 likes.

”My autistic 10year old daughter, who hardly ever chooses to read or write, banged this out on the computer yesterday. She’d be over the moon & maybe inspired to write more often if it got some likes & RTs,” Kym wrote.

The story, which goes on to describe a visit to a swimming pool and an awkward interaction with the lifeguard, has attracted more than 1,200 comments, many of which are from people who say they feel exactly the same as Libby.

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Another commenter who doubted the health condition of the girl wrote;

”I seriously doubt she is autistic because even most of the “normal” 10 year old kids may not be able to write such stuff. Please get a second medical opinion on her condition. Hope there was a mistake in the first diagnosis.”

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Kym says she’s overwhelmed by the responses.

“We have had so many messages, but the ones that are the most touching are the ones from others affected by autism” she says.

”No she is definitely autistic, had the most thorough assessment possible by Dr Judith Gould,a leading UK expert, at the Lorna Wing.

Autism displays itself in many ways, with many strengths, we are just too programmed as neurotypicals to see it as something deficit,” the mother of the brilliant girl replied to Prasad’s question.

And it is helping those who are not diagnosed, but who show similar traits as Libby.

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