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New Mum Highlights Post Delivery Struggles That No One Really Talks About

New Mum Highlights Post Delivery Struggles That No One Really Talks About

Every aspects of motherhood is a journey. From conception, pregnancy, birth to nursing. No one stage is superior to the other, and the experiences from each stage is worth cherishing forever. A new mother from Gastown took to her Instagram page to share her struggles with breastfeeding her newborn. The young mom welcomed her baby boy after 12hours of labour and 20 minutes of pushing.

Just under one week after 30-year-old Sullysmama welcomed her child, she started experiencing excruciating pains from breastfeeding her baby.

”Just under a week postpartum and I’m realizing now how that part of motherhood isn’t talked about enough. No matter how much I read, nothing can truly prepare you. Of course I’m exhausted which I anticipated. I never knew the excruciating pain that would come from breast feeding.

From the raw, blistered, bloody nips to the turbo cramping you get as your uterus contracts back to its normal size. How massive and aching your breasts become.

How I’d need to use a spray bottle with warm water every time I pee. Having to wear the oh so humbling adult diapers for all of the afterbirth and blood that occurs. Having to sit on an ice pack all day to soothe the stitches and trauma from natural birth.

And on top of all of that care for, feed, tend to, change, burp, breast pump, and bathe a new to this world human. Oh and don’t forget the roller coaster of postpartum hormones and finding time to feed yourself. But as overwhelming as it is, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. He’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

In another post, she continued with her postpartum hormonal imbalance journey…

”One week since giving birth and today was the first time I felt the postpartum hormonal imbalance. It’s a lot different than the hormones during pregnancy.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not an emotional human at all. Cold even. But the postpartum sadness is very heavy. Being bipolar and unmedicated I have to be very careful my low’s don’t get too low. I’ve been riding this high of just having a baby and I’ve been more than ecstatic.

But the sadness i felt today was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Estrogen Dominance/Progesterone Deficiency. Much of the hormonal imbalance that develops postpartum is due to estrogen dominance. Upon the birth of the baby, the placenta is expelled resulting in an immediate drop in a woman’s progesterone level.

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And a drop is exactly how I’d explain it. Luckily I was able to get out of the house and the fresh air and activity really helped. Any mama’s out there who have dealt with postpartum depression, or anyone that struggles with depression– please share how you manage to keep functioning and as mentally healthy as possible.”

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