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12 Powerful Phrases That Can Set Your Child on a Positive Path

12 Powerful Phrases That Can Set Your Child on a Positive Path


Words are very powerful for they can make, break, destroy or set anyone a positive path. The words you tell you tell your children constantly stick with them for life. When I was a child, my mother often said this phrase to me, “the words of an elder, a child refuses to listen to in the day time, he will be forced to listen to it at night.”

It simply means when a child is warned about something in the early days of his life, he might regrettably do it later. So listening to wise counsel in life is very important. And these words changed my perception of life.

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Here are 12 powerful phrases that will change your child’s life…

1. Be a unicorn in a field of horses

This means to always be unique wherever they find themselves and not to be like others. Unicorns are a rare specie while horses are common to find.

2. Kindness is power

Kindness may not cost a penny, yet has great value when given in a selfless manner. If you teach your children to love all, serve all, and don’t expect anything in return, they would grow up to change the world by simply living in congruence with their values. This phrase teaches your children to offer kindness to everyone they meet, even if it’s just returning a smile, helping someone lift a heavy load , or even holding the door open for them. 

3. You can always come home

As humans your kids would make mistakes in their lives whether as adults or kids, this phrase reminds them that family is the most important thing in life. This phrase makes them realize no matter what happens, the love you have for them as parents is unshakeable.

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4. Never settle for less

This phrase reminds them to always go after what they want in life, and to never give up. It reminds them to go after whatever makes them happy, even if it doesn’t make sense to other people. As long as they find fulfillment and love the life they live, they will not end up settling for less. 

5. Always follow your heart

This phrase teaches children that, regardless of what the world may try to tell them, only they know the real answers. Teach them to look within instead of searching outside themselves for the right path, because their heart will guide the way for them in the end.

6. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

This phrase teaches them that they are only responsible for their own feelings and emotions, and not to let other people drag them into their own misery. They can’t control situations, but they can take charge of how they react to them.

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7. Be contented and grateful every day

This phrase Teach your children to remain grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon them, and to be contented with whatever they have in their lives

8. Make hay while the sun shines

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This phrase teaches them procrastination is the thief of time and they should always do things at the right time

9. What you think, you become

This phrase teaches your child to be mindful of his thoughts and always feed his mind with positive thoughts

10. Always give what you can

This teaches your child not to displease himself to please the world and should only give what they can afford to give even if it is just a smile. It can go a long way.

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11. Don’t ever doubt your worth

This teaches them that situations may arise and they may begin to doubt who they really are and their worth. This will remind them they are always worthy.

12. Never give up

This phrase reminds them that even when they fail at doing something, they need to get back up and to never give up.

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