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8 Things Parents Should Not Be Caught Doing On Social Media

8 Things Parents Should Not Be Caught Doing On Social Media

All the buzz and huff of social media has got Mums and Dads sitting on the edge of their seats worrying about what their children get into. As the day goes by, more and more adults, lets say “parents”, are joining social media such as twitter, instagram, facebook, and all the ones yet to be created. Lets face it, as much as their isn’t an age limit or grade for social media, everyone is allowed into the club from at least age 15. As a parent there are just some things that you shouldn’t be caught doing on social media to serve as a role model to your children and for your integrity as a parent.

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1) No Nudes

This habit of sharing nude pictures, has proven to be very rampant in this generation , it is a norm that is frowned upon by many including the younger generations. When a mommy decides to send a nude picture of herself to daddy just to spice up the relationship, or they film themselves having sex as a lot of cases you hear and read on the news today of somebodies sex tape or nude pictures coming up. You just have to stop! Yes its for your husband or wife, but apart from the fact that nothing shared over the Internet is safe, your phone could be stolen, a lot of phones have hard drives these days, so even if you hit the delete button, it could still be recovered, and oh the shame it could bring your family and children.

2) No Pornography

This is another thing that not just teenagers or youths engage in today, it is something that, as hard as it is to say, parents engage in. These days a lot of pornographic contents are on all social media platforms, studies have come up showing that pornography is addictive, and it can become a habit that, no matter how careful you think that you are you run the risk of corrupting your child’s mentality about sex and you.

3) Don’t Be Too Public

As much as social media is a public platform, you can still keep your life or families life private. It helps to keep yourself and your family safe. If you are part of the new-age mum and dads that are on the social media net, knowing not to post about everything your job, picture of your children at school or in their uniforms, your house address or location, your birthdays, e.t.c. There are kidnappers who stalk pages just to keep tabs on your child’s age growth and school. Being private can keep you safe.

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4) Don’t Like Everything You See

As the less techy or savy users of the Social media, parents, uncles and aunts tend to like any comment or picture just because it is posted n their children’s pages or family pages. You need to take the time out to read and study the post well enough, you might be liking something that may harm your child socially or embarrassed them, and children don’t respond well to being embarrassed by their parents.

5) Don’t Be A Cyber-Bully

People go on social media, under the tag “anonymous” and drop hateful comments, spiteful comments, attack people from behind a computer when you know that you probably cannot say everything that you have said on the Internet if you could face the person. You don’t know who is who, and it just shows that some people have bad behavior or manners when they engage in cyber-bullying.

6) Don’t Flirt

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This applies to both married men and women. Some people go on the web, and chat up girls or guys, some old enough to be their children because they are bored or have a bad relationship. If you do, fix it, deceiving younger people and encouraging promiscuity isn’t going to fix your relationship issues. When you are married, there are certain things that stop, certain ways you cannot speak to females or males again. Don’t flirt with anybody, no matter how cute they are. Focus on your family.

7) Don’t Beg For Money

It is common for some people to come on social media and beg for money or some sort of help, especially with fraudulent stories. This not only makes it difficult for the people who truly need help to get any, because people are then filled with doubt as to whose sincere and not, but it just passes a bad message to the person. You really dint know where you will meet tomorrow.

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8) Don’t Advertise Without Asking

You are a mum, or dad, you just started your small business and you need traffic or the customers, Agreed, but you just cant go on peoples pages and drop pictures of your products, doping your numbers or what it is that you do. It is rude and unsolicited, the polite thing to do would be to ask before doing that. Yes, it is the Internet, we still have to be courteous to one another.

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