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Dear MIMsters: Was Blocking this Guy on Social Media The Right Thing to Do?

Dear MIMsters: Was Blocking this Guy on Social Media The Right Thing to Do?

Once written to this platform about a guy that seems to be making mockery of my emotions. Dating a guy abroad who calls and acts loving only whenever he feels like, and when he is cold to me, no amount of loving kindness from me can soften him.

Middle of last year, I wrote to MIM; almost all the advise dished out said I should let him go and I did. I called it quits, blocked him on all my social media accounts and moved on by facing my work.

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Fast forward to three months ago, he called me on my mobile line, and asked that we become friends again (mind you we were lovers before now and not friends). Just because of the love I still had for him, we re-added ourselves on social media and started chatting on trivial issues almost on daily basis that I felt the good vibe.

What bothered me anyway was that he never mentioned loving me, or asked me for a relationship. For good three months, we flowed along like real good friends but deep down I wanted more which he never asked. Worse still, it pained me when late in the night when we were talking on phone and I was still at work and he said, “your husband go try o with this your late night at work.” Most times he says women is the least thing on his mind right now.

Then one day I told him I’m not the type that keeps in touch with exes hence might block him soon and he said no problem if that’s what I want. After this, we still moved on but I felt I’m just hurting myself hanging on when all what he does is see me as a mere friend.

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Yesterday night, I had a chat with him and explained to him that I’m sorry I have to block him off, as I’m not the girl that likes keeping in touch with exes and he said I should suit myself. Mimsters, am I being unduly impatient? It has happened to my friends in the past, they kept and held on to guys who had zoned them as friend zoned hoping he would consider them, only for him to invite them to his wedding.

I am not sure that I can cope with that hence the reason for my action. You were an ex, staging a friendship kind of comeback, which I don’t want due to the feelings I still have, am I wrong? Am I wrong to have blocked him so that I can stop harbouring these feelings for him? I want to find a way to give someone else a chance as I’m already in my 30s.

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