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Dear MIMsters: Should I Tell About My Neighbours or Not? (Part Two)

Dear MIMsters: Should I Tell About My Neighbours or Not? (Part Two)

continued from Part one

When I was at the university, I had a roommate in my part one that was very nice to me. I come from a very humble background and many a times, it was Folake that helped me with food stuffs. Funny enough, even though I know my neighbour’s surname, I never linked him with Folake.

As God would have it, today being a Saturday, I needed to get some groceries down the street so I was casually dressed. As I made to walk out of our gate, a car drove in. I heard the person scream my name and I stopped. The car stopped at the same time and who did I see? It was Folake! She came out from the passenger’s side. She was with her husband.

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There was no GSM when we left school so most of us couldn’t stay in touch.

It turned out that my neighbour is Folake’s immediate elder brother- of the same mother and father.

After gisting for a while, I left to buy what I needed to buy and returned home.

Folake and her husband came in to meet my husband and my children. She then took me into my neighbour’s flat so that I could officially meet them.

If I had never witnessed the way they really are, I would have concluded that they were always as cordial as they presented themselves before Folake and her husband that Saturday morning.

I was almost confused.

Now, Folake and her husband have invited my family for a visit next week.

Judging by how good Folake has been to me in time past, and Tomiwa’s plea to help her, should I let Folake know the truth about her brother’s wife?

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My husband thinks I should mind my business.

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My sister-in law who stays with us says I shouldn’t mind her brother. She told me that if she was Folake, she would not forgive me as her friend if I knew her brother was going through such pains and I never told her.

Every time I close my eyes, I see Tomiwa pleading with me to help her daddy but I also do not want to disobey my own husband,

I am at a crossroad here, what should I do?

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  • You need to help him.Tell Foluke about it .let her not involve you but see things for herself.pray for the man too.

  • You can have Tomiwa talk to her Aunt and have her tell her all she told you. So you do not get involved directly

  • I think you should obey your husband…if anything happen to you from what you wana do, he will be the one to be there for you…but if you disobey him and anything happen, you are on your own….encourage the little girl to confide with her aunt..

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