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10 Ridiculous Lies We Were Told As Children

10 Ridiculous Lies We Were Told As Children

Moyin Adediran

Remember those fabricated theories or lies you were told when you were much younger? Yes! Those that haunted you and probably prevented you from having extreme mind blowing fun or made growing up a bore? Here are a few of them, just to give you a good laugh down memory lane…

1. If a boy touches you will get pregnant

Remember when mum said, ‘if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant o’. I wonder how many times we ladies would have been pregnant by now if that was actually true.

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2. If you don’t bathe, maggot will grow on your body

This was also quite common. It is mandatory to keep good body hygiene but maggots growing on your body? LOL! If only we’d known those days.

3. If you put your tooth under your pillow, it will grow into money

Now, we all know that our fallen tooth doesn’t turn into money and the tooth fairy doesn’t exist! But, that lie sure fooled the smartest of us.

4. When it is night, don’t look into the mirror

Who remembers being warned that evil lurks when you look into the mirror at night? I bet most of us shivered at the mere thought of it. So, why does everyone glam up and turn up at night? LOL!

5. If you pick money you find on the floor, you will turn into a chicken

YES, a chicken! How many of us beat the temptation to do that by the mere thought of the ‘consequence’?

6. If you swallow a chewing gum, it will gum all your intestines together

Who else has a strawberry flavoured large intestine, please?

7. Don’t eat your food if it fell on the floor, Satan has kissed it

We all know how nasty it is to eat food that has fallen on the floor, but ‘don’t eat fallen food because Satan has kissed it?’ Ah!

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8. Just tell me the truth, I won’t beat you

That was what we were usually told before a serious butt whooping or smacking, yet, we never stopped falling for it.

9. If you come first, I will buy it for you

All those unfulfilled promises… my dad still owes me a bag of gold.

10. Eat plenty beans so that you can be very tall

Our parents wanted us to be tall, so they told us ‘eat plenty beans so you can grow tall’. I wish I was 7ft tall today.

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