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5 Pleasant Things about Two Year Olds (Just In Case You Forgot)

5 Pleasant Things about Two Year Olds (Just In Case You Forgot)

Moyin Kalu

Two year olds they say, are nothing but sweet inquisitive, inspiring and funny children who should be celebrated, despite their tantrums and all the horrible messes they make. Just in case your two year old kids are giving you hell right now, here are 5 pleasant things you should remember about your little angels…

1: They Get Excited Easily

Remember how much effort you needed to put into everything for your child when she was a baby? Sometimes you had to struggle to make her smile. Well, not anymore. Now that your child is two, you have entered a new era of excitement. They get really hyped up about everything. Two year olds know what to expect at birthday parties (cake and juice boxes) and so will get excited, even after the party is long over.

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2: They Know How to Make You Smile When You Least Expect It

Imagine you come home from a long day at work, and while you are sitting down thinking and just trying to catch a breath, your little girl starts to dance to the soap advert showing on TV. Your two year old is not only dancing, she is copying the moves she has seen you burst out at parties and gatherings. Will that not brighten your mood somehow? So, next time you go to a wedding, don’t be surprised to discover that a certain someone has stolen all of your favourite dance  moves.

3: They Make Friends Easily

Two year olds are finally ready to start developing friendships with other children. After months of you forcing them to sit next to other babies, while the mummies chat, it finally starts to pay off. Two year olds love interacting with other children. They love to  play chase and love giggling with each other. Sure, they’re also still snatching, fighting and screaming at each other, but all great friendships have their ups and downs, lol

4: They Have Their Own Language

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Your two year old is learning to talk, and though it may not sound like much to other people listening, she has made good progress. Have you been blessed with the opportunity of witnessing two year-olds communicate with each other? It’s one of the most endearing and fun things in the world.

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5: They Have a Sense of Humour

The laugh at silly things which in return makes you laugh. They laugh at rhymes and silly names, even nonsense words that just sound funny are favorites. They never get tired of laughing at the the same silly song or act with just as the same intensity as they did when they first heard or watched it. They will change the words of stories and songs for hilarity, and repeat funny things they hear. So amazing.

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