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Dear MIMsters: I Am No Longer In Love With My Husband of Five Years

Dear MIMsters: I Am No Longer In Love With My Husband of Five Years

I got married 5 years ago and I have a four year-old child. The problem is, I am no longer in love with my husband and here’s why.

In 2015, hubby came back from work, told me that he’s done with me and asked me to pack my things and return to my parent’s house. I didn’t say anything to him. I just went to bed.

The following day, he came back home with a sack letter. I remained with him and prayed and fasted that God should make it look like a leave. After two weeks, he got another job in another state.

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He rented an apartment and never checked on us till he was transferred back to our base. Since he got into this new office, he’s been mentioning a certain woman’s name who happens to be his colleague. And before I knew it, he stopped sleeping at home.

Last year November, he told me again that he’s no more interested in the marriage and wants out. He took my child to his mother and enrolled him in school without my consent. I left him, moved out and moved on.

A few months later, he begged me to come back to him and I did because I still loved him.

During our separation, I noticed he has been taking this his colleague who became his Bestie to his mum and they spend days together there. He claims this lady is married oh!

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Straight to my point, in August, he called me again that our marriage is not working anymore and that we should go our separate ways, again. I agreed but this time, I told him to make it legal. I moved out and was expecting a divorce letter.

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Three weeks after I left, he sent me his a letter from his company, telling him that he has been relieved of his job. I couldn’t help it and I went back. People even got involved that I should forgive him that he has learnt his lessons.

Now he has gotten another job but I have also discovered that I don’t love him anymore. I’m just pretending to get along with him. Should I tell him that I’m no longer interested and move on. What do you advise?

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