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9 Steps To Declutter Your Home (Part Two)

9 Steps To Declutter Your Home (Part Two)

Mark Wealth

A cluttered home makes it difficult for you to find things when you need them. It also provides many hiding places for rats and roaches and you know very well what threats these pose to your family’s health. You need to declutter.

Time and energy might make the task of declutter seem harder than it is. Add to that the sentimental values we attach to some of our possessions and the task becomes even farther from possible. However, this is something you simply cannot avoid. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make the task of decluttering less overwhelming. Let’s take back your sanctuary.

Continued from part one

6. Closets & Drawers

These are the next best places to throw stuff for keep sake. As a result, they also get easily cluttered and untidy. When dealing with these places, ask yourself if you really need to keep the items you find therein. Surely there are some that you hardly ever use: toss them in the “give away” box if they are still in good condition otherwise, put them in the “throw away” box. Good riddance to useless clutter!

7. Re-arrangement

When re-arranging stuff, use smaller containers or partitions to keep like items together. For instance, lipsticks and eye pencils should be kept together and not mixed with finger, ear and nose rings. This way, you know where to look when you need any thing.

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Also keep in mind their uses. Are they frequently used? Rearrange them close to the places where they are most likely to be used. You don’t want to have to carry out boxes from the kitchen cabinet before you can get to the pots and pans you use at least twice every week.

Now, you may not be able to decide on whether to give some stuff away so you keep them back. If you want to know if they are worth retaining, arrange them back to front. When you use each item, put it the right way so that three months later, you can see at a glance, stuff that you haven’t used. These things are most likely not going to be used again. It will be difficult because of the sense of attachment but you need to be firm with yourself: give them away!

8. Storage or Garbage

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When you’re through with a particular zone or room, deal with the stuff in your declutter boxes. If there are stuff you need to give away or re arrange and you’re not yet ready or sure who or how to give them away, keep them in the garage or in some safe space where they will not become clutter all over again. Don’t waste too much time making your mind up. Family, friends or the Salvation Army are the common places/people you should consider when giving stuff away. Otherwise, organise a garage sales or take a photograph of the stuff and place them for sale on online platforms like Jiji and Olx.

If the stuff is damaged and no longer useful, keep them at the spot where the garbage truck can pick them up and throw them away.

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9. Stand Back And Admire Your Work

I can assure you, it’s going to feel good when you see how neat and spacious your home has become. You’re going to be more prepared to invite friends over and that’s not to mention the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when you want to watch movies, read a book or just recline and relax. It’s your home, your sanctuary: enjoy it.

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