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See How Toke Makinwa Rewarded Her Domestic Staff For Being Loyal and Diligent

See How Toke Makinwa Rewarded Her Domestic Staff For Being Loyal and Diligent

Nigerian radio personality, Toke Makinwa, 34, has just rewarded one of her domestic staff, Edward, for his diligence and loyalty in the last 4-years.

The host of the YouTube vlog series. “Toke Moments” took to her Instagram page to share video of Edward with her in Dubai, making the dream of the young man come true as she takes him on his first trip ever, outside the country.

The author of ‘On Becoming‘ narrated how Edward was there for her when her marriage crumbled and how he’s been with her ever since. She particularly mentioned how Edward stepped in, in her lowest moments to run the affairs of her house saying he also encourages her whenever she is in doubts or in need that God would come through for her.

For all these reasons, Toke Makinwa flown with Edward to Dubai.

Check her post below:

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My surest guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward came into my life 4 years ago, anyone who knows me, know Eddy. We hear crazy stories each day about domestic staff but I’ve been so blessed to have him as a solid support system. We’ve been thru it all. (I cannot begin to explain it all). My marriage ended and Edward came with me, he literally stepped in, set up our first one room flat all by himself, there were times I couldn’t get up to function and he’ll run the household and how can I forget his constant prayers for me, God has been so faithful and kind to my household, he’s kept our feet from moving and our hearts at peace. We’ve all come far and I share this to encourage everyone out there to Believe. There is power in the words we speak. Speak life, speak positivity, speak God. 3 years ago Edward told me that I’ll be the one to take him out of the country for the first time, I laughed but deep down prayed to God to bless me to bless him for all he’s done for me. He also said I’ll open his food business for him (he makes a mean sharwama by the way) It was his birthday recently and to say thank you to him for being a great guy, I’m so thankful to God that I could bring him on this trip. His faith humbles me all the time. Even when I complain about stuff all Edward says is God go answer prayer ma, God go do am. I may not get plenty things right but the priceless smile and heartfelt joy in feeling right now, nothing compares to it. If i”m no more, I’ll want to believe atleast I made someone’s dream come true and that is everything to me. I’m here to work but the people who help me put this brand together, the people who run my life and constantly bless me with their talent are here to chill. It’s definitely a November to remember. I’m so thankful #onbecomingmore???????????? #TMinternational #Dubai2018 #Eddymysureguy”

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