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Dear MIMSters: For This Reason, I Curse The Day I Met Bisi

Dear MIMSters: For This Reason, I Curse The Day I Met Bisi

Yes, you read right, I curse the day I met my wife, Bisi. It is a day I do not want to ever remember. I am not even interested in reminiscing about the day because doing that only brings me pain..

I met Bisi when I visited Nigeria briefly about 8 years ago and because she was able to mask her character, I thought I had seen a wife material. I kept in touch with her after I returned to the US and I recollect how she would always express her fears of me jilting her.

For that singular reason and because I did not want to settle down with a white girl, I expedited actions on her coming over here to meet me, and ‘fortunately’ for me, things worked perfectly well. I even thought that that was a sign that we were meant to be together.

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I arranged for our introduction ceremony and my people visited Bisi’s family house to meet with her people.

My mom had reservations but I took that to be the typical mother-in-law issue with their daughters-in-law. I went ahead anyways and the wedding was done with me in absentia. Few months after, Bisi joined me in the US.

I am sad to say my ‘happily ever-after’ with Bisi only lasted a year.

She started by associating herself with some women she claimed were her sisters from her state; most of them were either unmarried, separated or divorced. She would threaten to call the cops on me when I question her movement. She kept jumping from one job to another. The last she did, she took up a job in a place where she would travel 2 hours to get to work when there are better opportunities around us and when I asked her why, she said her friend; Risquat says the job pays better. She would always tell me why her friends’ opinions are better than mine.

I cannot begin to write all I have suffered from this woman’s hand but for the fact that we are in the US, I would have known how to treat her f*** up. This country gives too much power to women.

It’s been 5 years since Bisi joined me; 5 years of torture, pain, lamentation and had I known!

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Why am I sending my story to your page? It is because it is called Motherhood In Style, and I want to know why a woman will be as evil as my wife.

This is what I found out today.

Bisi has been out of the house for 3 days now under the pretense of work so I had time to go through her things and what did I find? Contraceptives! We have been trying to conceive since she joined me not knowing she has been preventing pregnancy.

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I have been here crying all day. How did I end up with a woman this callous? To think we have been running helter-skelter together on the issue of the fruit of the womb… I feel so pained. If I decide to divorce her, she will reap all I have labored to acquire here. If I stay in this marriage, I believe she is capable of killing me since she can choose to prevent her own self from getting pregnant. What kind of a woman is this? How did I get here?!

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  • This woman married you to get the opportunity to travel abroad and she has other plans for you. Please don’t confront her about your findings and avoid fighting with her.
    I think you should discuss your findings with a lawyer and get advice on how to divorce her without losing all what you’ve worked for. You need to gather a lot of evidence that would rope her in, without her knowing.
    If this doesn’t work out, sell off your properties including the one you’re staying without her knowing. Tell her you are going back to Nigeria to settle and start business. When you get to Nigeria, transfer all your money to a domiciliary dollar account. Then you start calling her from Nigeria that you were duped that she should assist you when you go back to the US.
    When you get back to the US she will be the one asking to divorce you. Case settled.

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