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Postnatal Depression: Californian Mum Does The Unthinkable

Postnatal Depression: Californian Mum Does The Unthinkable

A Californian mum suffering a severe case of postnatal depression has done the unthinkable, by allegedly throwing her baby girl out of a moving car, killing her.

32-year-old Nicole Stasio who had worked as a yoga instructor and health coach, gave birth to her child just two months earlier in Bali but she allegedly killed the child then tried to later commit suicide.

The depressed mum has now being hospitalised.

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Eyewitnesses, driver Wayan Siaj and tour guide Made Arimbawa, shared how Stasio, attempted killing herself after allegedly throwing the baby girl out of the vehicle, according to reports from People.

On Tuesday, Stasio  planned to return to California, but she changed her mind and asked to be taken back to the town of Ubud, according to the two witnesses.

Both witnesses allegedly told local authorities that Stasio had been in Bali since July. Her parents had joined her for the first 10 days of her trip but they left before Stasio welcomed her daughter in September.

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As they drove back, Stasio sat in silence before she allegedly threw her 2-month-old daughter out of the car.

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Siaj and Arimbawa told police they did not notice she had thrown the baby from the vehicle. Shortly after, Siaj and Arimbawa watched as Stasio suddenly jumped out of the car at an intersection in Denpasar, they told authorities.

Stasio was taken to Bali Mandara hospital to be treated. Her daughter was eventually found by villagers less than a mile away. The baby had severe injuries and later died at the same hospital Stasio was being treated at.

Stasio hasn’t been questioned because she is hospitalized with “a severe state of depression”.


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