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Meet This Septuagenarian and Grandma Who Just Got Engaged

Meet This Septuagenarian and Grandma Who Just Got Engaged

Love is hardly ever predictable, and there’s hardly ever a time lapse for it to occur. Whenever it does occur, it’s fragrance is hard to resist. Despite her twilight years, love just claimed one grandma and septuagenarian.

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Today the Internet is excited for one 70-year-old grandma who just got engaged to her ex and the only man she ever loved after their paths crossed again at the end of 20 long years.

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It was the grand daughter of the septuagenarian, Twitter user @ServinAirBody, that shared the story on her page. She wrote;

“My 70 year old Granny is engaged…and I can’t stop crying. I’m so happy for her…like wow after like 20 years, she reconnected with the only man she ever loved…”

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The tweet has since gone viral, with many social media users wishing for their own only true love to come by too.

See screenshot of her tweet below:

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